Tips For Long Term Philadelphia Airport Parking

Tips For Long Term Philadelphia Airport Parking

Travelers anticipating a vacation or a business trip may consider taking advantage of long-term parking at Philadelphia airports. While airport parking services’ convenience and cost-savings benefits are crucial, the traveler cannot ignore possible threats, including weather damage and aging parts that endanger the vehicle in your absence. According to the Federal Aviation Authority reports, Philadelphia International Airport has a daily average of 1059 flights.

Below is a list of tips for long-term Philadelphia airport parking lots.

Choose A Parking Lot Wisely

Philadelphia airport parking services ensure the traveler’s car is safe as long as the person chooses the parking safely. Try choosing covered parking when the available spot is near the terminal.

By doing so, a person worries about open parking spots when weather strikes are minimal. Do proper research on the internet and find an affordable and secure airport parking spot. Compare airport rates across multiple airport parking providers to secure the best deal. Visit comparison sites that compare parking offers across different airports and select one that best suits your needs and budget. Ensure the parking lot is well lit, pleasant, safe, and a visible area for 24-hour surveillance.

Never Leave Anything Inside

Always clean and de-clutter your car before parking. Since your vehicle will remain in the parking lot for many nights, the responsibility of parking safely usually starts with you.

Leaving visible valuables inside your car may attract the burglar’s attention to break into the vehicle. Burglars and thieves are always looking for precious valuables or less valuable items, including sports equipment, an empty bag, or a mobile charger. While the items may not be expensive for travelers, the car window glass and car locks are. Therefore, it is always wise to remove all the valuables before embarking on the journey.

Inflate The Tires

Inflate the tires when parking your vehicle at the long-term airport parking lot. Consider checking your car and repairing it with the help of a professional mechanic to fix tiny leaks. Tire leaks must be adequately resolved to minimize the chances of flattening entirely during the vehicle’s stay. Various airports usually offer such services as an add-on option.

Lock The Doors

Locking the doors may seem like an obvious precaution to travelers, since family members can forget it. Plan your route accordingly if you establish that the airport journey will take longer. Ensure you reach Philadelpia airport parking just in time to cross-check everything. Check the car locks, luggage, and boarding pass before embarking on your journey.

Disconnect Your Battery

It is often rare for anything to happen to your vehicle during your time away, but a full-proof solution ensures that you are not stuck at the airport when you get back by detaching the battery connection. The approach ensures minimal power drainage during the long-term parking and takes only a few minutes, saving you hours in the long run.

Remove The Extra Key

Many people tend to leave their spare keys inside the vehicle. While the approach is usually for their convenience if they are locked out of their car, burglars are aware of it. It is not wise to leave your extra key inside the car when parking in the long-term airport parking lot. Consider leaving the key with a close friend or a family member if they need to access the vehicle. Travelers may not depend entirely on airport security to keep watch of their cars. They may consider upgrading the vehicle’s safety by installing an alarm and synchronizing it with an app on their phone.

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