What County Is New York City In?

What County Is New York City In?

A county is a geographical unit of government in America. The word comes from the old English term meaning young man who was sent out to do errands or work for someone else, so they became responsible for collecting taxes at an early age.

Similar meanings are still present today because counties often function like small towns with smaller communities like villages, towns/cities, etc. A good example would be Suffolk County, located on Long Island, New York, including Farmingdale. 

New York consists of 57 counties and is the largest county in Kings county. New York cannot be present in a county because it is a state that makes it big enough to host many counties. 

Out of the 57 counties, the following are the 5 largest counties present in the Big Apple,

  1. Kings County 
  2. Queens County
  3. New York County
  4. Suffolk County
  5. Bronx County

New York County 

Manhattan or New York County is the third most populated county in New York state. 

  • It has a population that’s 1,631,993 people more than 62 other counties, and this makes it home to some massive cities like Manhattan, which houses over 2 million souls, or Brooklyn at just under 4 hundred thousand residents per square mile- not bad when you consider how many small towns there are out here on our vastly prolonged American landscape!
  • The racial and ethnic make-up of New York County is diverse. The largest group are White people, who account for 46%. The second most common race/ethnicity in this area? Hispanic (25%). And then Black comes at 12 5%, just behind Asian ethnicity’s 14 3% representation! When it comes to median household income, New York County households made more than Richmond and Saratoga counties with a Median Income of $86553. However, 11 percent live in poverty which is almost double the amount for both these areas.
  • The median age for New York County residents is 37.5 years young, making it one of the most youthful areas in America!
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