What Was Tammany Hall In New York City?

What Was Tammany Hall In New York City?

Tammany Hall, also called the “Tammanny” for its unusual spelling and pronunciation by those who don’t live in New York City, has been an integral part of American history. 

Tammany Hall is a historical organization that exercised political control through the patronage and charity of its leaders. The name was derived from an association named Tammanend, which predated colonial America’s founding era but had been renamed when this wise chief became known as “Tammany” in early 18th century English.

Tammany has come to symbolize upper-class patronage in New York City. The early Tammanys were craftsmen who adopted Tamanend, the Delaware chief, as their patron and used pseudo-Indian insignia with titles like “Brave” or Sachem.”

Tammany Hall is known as the “assembly of gentlemen,” and it was an influential political force in New York City from its inception to today. Tammany leaders included William M Tweed, who became infamous for shaking down city departments for kickbacks, Richard Croker, who ran Albany state capital on behalf of Boss Tom Pendergast’s corrupt administration while simultaneously serving reelection mayor nine times between 1895-1910, according to records kept by historian Lewis Lens up through 1913; Charles F Murray (1863 – 1936) last headed this prominent Democratic.

Due to corruption charges, Tammany leaders were removed from office and replaced with new officers as early as 1806-07. Despite this, many of those charged remain powerful sachems within the society, including its founder.

The Tammany Hall political machine had been a powerful force in New York City politics for much of the 19th and 20th centuries. Still, its control over city affairs diminished after Franklin D. Roosevelt reduced them from County Organization when they failed to support him during the 1932 elections. Like many other organizations before it with ties dating back centuries earlier, like Pharaoh’s court or Charlemagne’s palaces, The Hals’ power continued on as others were being changed by new developments- even though at times their might seemed unbeatable!

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