Where To Stay Outside Of New York City?

Where To Stay Outside Of New York City?

If you’re looking to explore New York City minus the hustle and bustle, but still want a view of iconic skyscrapers lining your hotel room’s horizon, consider staying in one of its other vibrant boroughs. You’ll secure lower-priced rooms with better amenities while enjoying bustling neighborhoods filled with unique cultural enclaves and burgeoning art scenes

If you’re planning to travel but don’t know where to stay outside of New York City, keep reading. The Big Apple has over 65 million visitors each year and nearly 20% are international travelers! With so much going on in the city, it’s hard not to pick out a great place for your trip – here are some suggestions where to live outside NYC,

Jersey City

Jersey City is one of the top places to stay outside of NYC. It’s a city in New Jersey, but it’s becoming more popular than ever before for people who work or commute into Manhattan daily. From various parts of Jersey City, you can easily get to downtown within 20 minutes via public transportation routes like PATH and ferry services if commuting by car isn’t an option. Generally speaking, staying here may be cheaper compared to living closer to lower manhattan (but definitely not as cheap as parking your vehicle on the street overnight).


Edgewater is a great place to chill out because it has the most amazing views of Manhattan. It’s also close enough for commuters to get there using public buses or by ferryEdgewater, located across Hudson River from Upper Manhattan and just next door to Jersey City in New Jersey, provides an excellent view of the Big Apple while remaining within reach via various transportation options such as bus systems and water-bound shuttles.


Living in Rutherford, NJ offers affordable suburban living to New Yorkers looking for peace and convenience. It takes only 30 minutes by train to NYC’s midtown area using the Nj Transit trains which depart from Penn Station. A car might be needed if you plan on experiencing all that this town has to offer but it is recommended that one use public transport when possible as Rutherford covers quite a large area!

New Rochelle

New Rochelle is a small city in Westchester County, NY offering many great amenities to young families and couples. Its close-knit community offers diverse populations while still being outside of NYC for commuters who want the best of both worlds. Whether you come here on vacation or stay after picking up your dream home, New Rochelle rocks!


Yonkers, just north of the Bronx, is a popular area for families who wish to raise their children outside NYC but still have jobs in Manhattan. Many people commute here daily from Yonkers into New York City for work and enjoy living close enough without feeling like they’re stuck in all that city life.

If you want to stay within NYC and that too on a budget then try these!

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