Two-pack of DeWalt 20V batteries is over 40% off on Amazon

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Picture this:

In front of you is a large gift; the perfect size. You think you know what’s inside, and it’s exactly what you asked for. After the requisite small talk (“I wonder what it is!”), you’re given the go ahead. You can barely contain yourself. Soon, the perfect gift is sitting in front of you, the wrapping paper lies shredded on the floor.

Squealing, you open the box, and go to plug in your brand-new toy. Then it hits you. The starburst on the side of the box: “batteries not included.”

It’s a cruel, cruel fate. You’d do anything for those batteries, but after rifling through all the drawers in the house, you don’t come up with any AA’s. You start thinking crazy. You’d be willing to “Gift of the Magi” this thing, trading your present for batteries. But where would that get you?

This is all to say: batteries are important. Whether you’re charging a new toy, or your 20V Max Impact Driver, they’re essential for a good time, though they often go forgotten.

Allow us to bring batteries to the fore with this great Amazon deal on a 2-Pack of DeWalt 20V Max XR Batteries, marked down 44% off for a limited time.

Two yellow and black DeWalt batteries.

Save nearly half off this pair of 20V batteries from DeWalt on Amazon, for a limited time only. At this price, you could get four batteries, for just over the original cost of the price of two.

Check out one of the 15,000 reviews, which roundly rate this DeWalt battery set a full five stars. And that’s before they were even on sale!

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