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NYC DOE Kindergarten Application: What You Need to Know
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NYC DOE Kindergarten Application: What You Need to Know

The kindergarten application for New York City Public Schools is open, and the deadline is fast approaching. If your child was born in 2018 and lives in New York City, they are eligible to attend kindergarten in Fall 2023. Parents must apply by Jan. 20. 

Here’s what parents need to know about the application process!

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Who Can Apply? 

Every five year old who lives in New York City is guaranteed a spot in a public elementary school.

All parents with children of this age are encouraged to apply, regardless of whether the student is starting school for the first time or is currently attending pre-k at a DOE public school, pre-k center, early education center, private or charter school or parochial school. 

Additionally, all kindergarten programs welcome students with disabilities or accessibility needs, students learning English, immigrant families, students in temporary housing and LGBTQ+ or gender nonconforming students. 

Exploring Elementary School Options 

Parents can explore elementary schools at any time at MySchools.nyc. Within the school directory, you’ll be able to search schools by your child’s address, by district and other interests. 

You’ll be able to apply to up to 12 kindergarten programs with one application. 

When looking at kindergarten programs, some factors to consider include: location, admissions priorities and school-specific schedules. 

Many schools will offer tours, open houses and information sessions related to admissions. Check the MySchools Event Calendar or specific schools’ websites for more information. 

How to Apply

The application for New York City public schools lives on the MySchools.nyc website.

When the application window opens, make a MySchools account following the instructions on the website and add your child to the account. Add up to 12 programs you wish to apply to in the “Apply” tab, and make sure to arrange programs on the application in order of preference. 

Tips for Applying 
  • List programs in order of preference, with your first choice being listed at the top of the application
  • Include programs that your child has a high priority to attend. This can include zone schools, your child’s current school or program or a school where your child’s sibling is attending 
  • Apply to multiple programs
  • Enter information based on current status and information, such as home address
  • Keep siblings in mind. If your child has a sibling that attends a school you’d also like them to attend, list that school on your application and be sure to add the sibling currently attending the school to the application as well. This will ensure that your child gets sibling priority for admission
  • Double check to make sure your application has been submitted
  • Admissions are not first come first serve. Just submit your application before the deadline. You can also edit your application any time after submitting and before the deadline

For more information, check out the NYC Department of Education’s website on applying to kindergarten programs. 

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