Woman surprises nieces, nephews for Christmas by posing as ‘The Elf on the Shelf’

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A Colorado woman may deserve an award for “best aunt” after surprising her niece and nephews for Christmas in true, festive fashion.

Aunt Alex and her sister-in-law, Lauren, told Fox News Digital that they’ve always loved surprising their family in some way, and Alex’s most recent visit was no exception.

“The Elf on the Shelf” is a well-loved tradition in Lauren’s home, so they used it for inspiration as Aunt Alex posed just like the “magical” Christmas doll 

The two women, who requested their surname be omitted for privacy reasons, said they created and executed the prank in 30 minutes.

“It just came to us. It seemed like a really great idea to do ‘Auntie on the Ledge,’” Lauren told Fox News digital.

Alex is apparently the adventurous one of the two, “not by choice, by force,” she said jokingly.

“I just kind of suck it up and do it anyway because I love the kids. It’s nice to get a reaction out of them,” Alex told Fox News Digital.

Afer climbing a ladder to reach the ledge under the 10-foot ceiling, Alex waited 25 minutes for the kids to return home from their grandparents’ house.

Elf on the Shelf aunt
A woman surprised her nephew by posing as Elf on the Shelf in his home.

Elf on the Shelf aunt
Alex was on the shelf for 25 minutes waiting for the kids to get home from their grandparents.


Elf on the Shelf aunt
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The moment was documented and posted onto Lauren’s TikTok page, where the videos were viewed more than 13 million times. It was also TikTok viewers who named the prank “Auntie on the Shelf,” Lauren said.

Lauren’s oldest son was quick to point out where “Auntie on the Shelf” was hiding.

“It’s really hard to surprise him. We have surprised him so many times, it’s like another normal day,” Alex said of her nephew.

Alex and Lauren said the kids loved the prank and were very excited to see Aunt Alex, including Lauren’s daughter who got her own special surprise when she arrived later in the evening. 

Alex began to spread more mischief just as “The Elf on the Shelf” sometimes does.

“We read off each other’s energy and I think that’s where we come up with a lot of our silly ideas the most. We just get one idea, and we just keep tackling on,” Alex told Fox News Digital.

Lauren and Alex stayed up one night blowing up 360 balloons to create a ball pit in the living room.

“Auntie on the Shelf” even left her ledge to enjoy ice cream with the kids.

“I was such a big part of “The Elf on the Shelf” when we lived together for a while, so it was just a cool thing to be able to be ‘The Elf on the Shelf’ for the kids instead of surprising them with a little elf [doll],” Alex said.

Aunt Alex said she cherishes this time with the kids, especially around the holidays.

“Being able to surprise them a little bit before it does make me emotional because I love these kids to death,” Alex added. 

Lauren told Fox News Digital that her sister-in-law is “an amazing aunt.”

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