6 Careers You Can Have with a Master’s Degree in Public Safety

6 Careers You Can Have with a Master’s Degree in Public Safety

Public safety careers focus on protecting the health and wellbeing of civilians in a country. The most common professions are fire services, emergency medical care, and law enforcement. If you are considering a career in public safety, you will work with either federal, local, or state government departments to provide safety and security to the general public.  

An ideal candidate for a career in public safety must be involved in emergency preparedness and be able to coordinate different resources where they are needed. Any job in public safety requires a certain level of responsibility and characteristics from someone who can work at various levels of the job. For six of the best careers that you can achieve with a master’s degree in public safety, read on. 


This is one of those careers that many young boys aspire for at an early age. Firefighters are seen as unsung heroes who risk life and limb every day to save people from deadly fires. A firefighter’s primary goal is to control the fire and put it out, but they often have to enter burning buildings to save people and animals from certain death. Shifts in this profession can go on for up to 24 hours, and the job requires someone who is physically fit and mentally capable.  

Firefighting is a career that you choose because you want to work on emergencies and learn how to help people in need and avoid further damage when a fire breaks out. Many firefighters are trained in basic emergency care services such as CPR and are able to attend to burn victims while they wait for EMTs to arrive. This is a good career path because firefighters are expected to grow in demand by eight percent by the year 2030.  

Correctional Facility Officer 

Similar to police enforcement, a correctional facility officer will monitor and manage criminals in jail or prison. The biggest role of public safety is to protect the people of the country and one way to do this is to keep dangerous criminals at bay. A correctional facility officer must be prepared to work in maximum security settings, where the worst of the worst are housed.  

This profession calls for someone able and willing to constantly monitor security facilities, keep inmates and staff safe, and supervise daily activities. Because the job calls for a certain level of risk and danger to the officer, the salary is quite desirable at a minimum of $70,000 in Canada.  

Crime Scene Investigator 

Other times called a crime analyst, this profession requires the analysis of evidence, laboratory testing, and identifying patterns in data that can be used to catch criminals. The majority of a crime analyst’s role is to assess the crime from behind a computer screen, and very few will go out to official crime scene sites. They will analyse the evidence that is collected from detectives and other police personnel.

A crime analyst’s main function is to research and analyse data so that cases can be solved easier. This involves interpreting data, records, geographical location systems, and understanding the nature of various crimes. To become a crime analyst you can take a master’s in public safety at Wilfrid Laurier University. Once you have earned the relevant qualification, you will need about two years of on-the-job practical experience to work in a related field of the industry.  

Medical Facility Manager 

Health services are included as part of public safety the government has to provide. With a degree in public safety, you can work as a manager of medical facilities that oversees day-to-day operations. Responsibilities for this profession include managing surgery schedules, the admission of patients, and managing the financial assets of the medical facility. Because a degree will teach you about the discrepancies in public safety, what aspects affect the industry, and leadership skills, as a medical facility manager you will be better prepared to improve public health from the inside out. 

Managers in these positions have the perfect profession to make meaningful changes, and the rate of job availability is expected to increase more than 30% in the next nine years. This makes it a very attractive career choice for both young people and those wishing to change career later in life. 

Social Worker and Community Service Manager 

One aspect of public safety is to protect those who cannot safeguard themselves. This includes women, men, and children that are affected by domestic violence and need the help of a social worker to survive. Most social workers are employed by governmental and non-profit organizations and work full-time. The salary starts at $60,000 per year and it requires only a bachelor’s degree in public safety. However, with a master’s you can expect to earn much more.  

The need for social workers is becoming more critical in modern society so the prospects of this career are very good. There will soon be a shortage of qualified and competent social workers who also operate in the community to provide programs and initiatives to protect those less fortunate.  

Law Enforcement Positions 

Whether a police officer, a police investigator, or a major security officer, the job availability for law enforcement is staggering. Most police stations are actively looking for new cadets all the time, and because the job comes with a significant amount of risk to the police officer, they often get additional benefits and good salaries. The job is tough, and the hours can be long, but it is also a very rewarding career where you can see your efforts paying off directly. 

With a career in law enforcement, you will be able to make direct changes to the public that improve the community and country as a whole. Managing a police department is one of the highest honorary positions that law enforcement professionals can aspire to. 

Careers in public safety are extensive and there are many more options than just these six. Whether you want a career in a fast-paced emergency environment, or you want to be able to impact public safety policy, these careers are ideal choices.

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