Write For Us: Lifestyle Guest Posts

Spice Market New York Accepts Contributors and Guest Writers!

In case you are passionate about lifestyle, beauty & health, fashion, travel, photography, and most of all, New York, then we have got the perfect platform for you. 

Spice Market New York is a multimedia brand that inspires individuals who want to pursue a more creative lifestyle by discussing trends in these industries.

Spice Market New York is a fast-moving and influential media company with a wide audience. We promote our blogs on social media, to reach more people.

We have successfully developed and engaged with audiences who rely on us for advice, reviews, and inspiration. 

As our Guest Blogger, you can: 

  • Inform, as well as inspire individuals. 
  • Share valuable resources and information with our readers. 
  • Reach an established and broader audience with your written content. 
  • Receive a boost from us as we promote your published article.

Guidelines for Guest Blogging:

  • All your written content must be original. Please do not submit plagiarized content or content that has been published before. 
  • Your written content should be relevant to our audience, and must be both helpful and engaging. 
  • Your content must have proper grammar and spelling. 
  • Your guest post must offer the audience clear advice, how-to tips, or provide valuable takeaways about our site’s topics. 
  • Only submit guest posts that belong to our website’s categories. 
  • Do not include any marketing links or make posts self-promotional. 
  • Limit your blog to 300–700 words.
  • Submit a 2–3 sentence author bio. 

Why Guest Blogging Works:

Guest blogging is an ideal situation for both bloggers and blog owners. As a blog owner, it enables us to publish top-notch content on our blog and target the right audience with our guest posts. 

Whereas as a guest blogger, you will be rewarded for your hard work through referral traffic, quality backlinks, and the credibility of our website.

We appreciate our guest bloggers, and we look forward to having regular contributors. 

Potential Topics for Guest Posts

For those who are struggling with ideas that will be suitable for our audience, here are some ideas:

  • Fashion trends
  • Day-to-day living in New York – events, places, things to do
  • Health and lifestyle tips
  • Travel destinations and advice
  • Articles about sports and activities

However, don’t be limited by this list! There are tons of other topics you can come up with. We can give you the platform if you have the right content. 

In case you have any queries, do get in touch with us. We aim to get back to everyone! Looking forward to reading any questions you may have. 

So what are you waiting for? Email us at [email protected]. Looking forward to hearing from you on those blogs!

We’re encouraging you to please review our editorial guidelines before providing us with topic pitches.

Submit a Press Release

Do you have any news or announcement? You can submit a press release through us. You can either create your own content or let our team handle that for you.

What Do We Need from You?

  1. Topic – should be news, announcements, new product releases or services, expanding your location, newly published blogs, etc.
  2. A persona and a quote that describes the release. We can create this for you; just let us know.
  3. Up to three (3) links.
  4. Name, Address, Phone Number (NAP)