5 Easy Tips on How to Dress Edgier

5 Easy Tips on How to Dress Edgier
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“New year, new me” is arguably one of the most common clichés we hear at the start of January. This resolution often ranges anywhere from prioritizing fitness and health, to putting a premium on style and wardrobe. For this article, let’s focus on the latter—or ways on how to give our wardrobe a more stylish makeover, as it’s the relatively easier New Year’s resolution to achieve.

In hindsight, edgy outfits not only give your everyday look an unexpected twist, but they also blur the line between badassery and comfort. It’s basically a mash-up of different elements, two popular aesthetics that somewhat define (or have defined) a certain generation, say, an oversized denim jacket from the 80s that’s paired with cropped band shirts from the 90s.

So, are you looking to give your wardrobe an edgier feel? If so, we can start with the basics. And even if you’ve already got an established look, you’ll want to keep reading to make sure that you’ve got the bases covered. With that, here are five dos and don’ts of an edgy look. 

1. Make it More Natural

The first tip—and probably the most important of them all—is to not make it seem like you’re trying too hard.  We can’t stress this enough: edgy style is all about being free and transgressive, really doing what feels right for you, and not going along with the masses. Nothing undoes that whole perception quicker than looking like you’re trying way too hard.

Now we like to serve a look like anybody’s business, but it has to feel more natural with you and your style. How do you know if you’re trying too hard? Putting on so much can give off the impression that you don’t have your own unique aesthetic.

Take one thing off, wear more classic items with your edgy style, and maybe try incorporating one edgy item at a time until you get more comfortable with the aesthetic. 

2. Wear Black

For the second tip, it’s important to wear dark clothes, or wear black to put it simply. When you think of the edgy style, the first thing that comes to mind should be the color black—outfits in black look instantly edgier than outfits in brighter shades. This isn’t to say, however, that you should go goth all of a sudden.

For example, switching out a white t-shirt for a black one is an easy way to make even the simplest outfit edgier. The same thing for jeans (if you usually wear blue jeans, try putting on black pants instead).

This applies to literally any item of clothing, from your preferred footwear, to your jacket, to your accessories. Even a pair of black shades can add some edge to a wardrobe. Don’t be scared to go head to toe with a timeless look. It’s elegant, it’s badass, and it hides some stains or dirt that you may accrue during the day.

3. Go for a Nice Leather Jacket

Speaking of jackets, tip number three revolves around the idea of wearing a leather jacket or a faux vegan jacket (for those who are more socially conscious). On paper, a leather jacket is one of the easiest ways to add some serious attitude to your outfit, as you can wear and style it differently.

One of the timeless trends that never go out of style is the moto jacket. It’s cute and feminine with dresses or with high waisted pants. If black isn’t really your thing, a leather jacket in a different color can still add some edge to your wardrobe while keeping the look. They can be bright, or romantic, or girly, or whatever is your preference.

4. Lace Up Combat Boots

The fourth tip is to wear combat boots. They’re classic, they add an edge to any outfit, and most importantly, they’re comfortable. They’re great for all types of weather, except maybe deep summer, but that’s really up to you if you want to score some style points. 

5. Wear “Sharp” Jewelries

Lastly, one of the key elements when it comes to an edgier look is to wear “stabby” jewelry or accessories that have spikes, chains, razor blades, barbed wire, safety pins, and the like. Basically, all sorts of sharp objects that add more edge to a wardrobe. When all is said and done, you’ll just really love the contrast between the edginess of the accessory and the sweet monotonous tone of the outfit.

To Conclude

Always remember, fashion is ever-changing, but some things are great the way they are. We hope you learned something from this list of basics of edgy style, whether you’re thinking of adding more edge to your wardrobe or you’re just getting started.

If you have more tips on how to inject a sense of edginess to your wardrobe, be sure to leave a comment down below and always remember to share our articles across social media platforms if you find them helpful.

Scott Hamlin
Scott is the editor-in-chief of Spice Market New York. He is also an author and publisher of his own craft.