Unraveling Fedora Brim Styles for Every Woman Who Loves Their Hats

Unraveling Fedora Brim Styles for Every Woman Who Loves Their Hats

Fedoras can be the first preference for any stylish lady inclining toward intrigue and mystery. Although it’s not a secret, the choice of fedoras predominantly depends on their brim size. At first glance, you can feel that fedoras are also typical. But you will reconsider your judgment once you realize the magical touch of a simple feature like a brim. Materials, colors, and crown shapes are the other things. So let’s focus on the brim to pick the best fedora look for yourself.

Wide-brimmed fedora

You can find a wide brim fedora in two sizes – wide and extra-wide brims. Anything with 2.5 to 3 inches can be a moderate size. But brims extending beyond three inches or more from the crown belong to the broader brim category. Brims can be flexible or stiff based on what you pick. There can be flat and tilted edges too. So it becomes another highlight. One of the reasons for buying a large brim hat can be sun protection, which a standard brim may not offer to such an extent. However, it doesn’t lack in covering the face, head, and neck. If you plan to spend quality time in the sun, choose one with wider brims. 

Do you bother about the price? Wide brims may not be as expensive as you might think. You can get even high-end felt materials under USD $200.

Flat and narrow brim fedora

The flat designs don’t have any upward edges. Instead, brims remain flat and stiff mostly. However, there can be variations with softer designs too. Flat fedora hats tend to have larger brims compared to narrow ones. On the other hand, smaller versions are common with men. You can trust flat fedoras for their style, but you cannot expect them to be as functional as the wider brims on sunny days. The cost of owning it can be similar.

How should you wear your brim?

Now, you can be curious to know about styling the brim look. The best way to boast a fedora can be to wear it straight. Most women follow this. Still, you can take a call based on your brim size and weather. Also, don’t tilt your wide-brimmed hat too much to avoid impairing your vision. Make sure you maintain the angle for a prim and proper appearance.

Choosing a fedora hat is one thing and sporting it is another. You don’t have to make any special efforts to get your look right. However, keeping an eye on the overall outfit can be rewarding. At the same time, your choice looks justified when you flaunt one based on the condition of the environment. Then you don’t look out of place. Since it can be a good investment to purchase a good quality fedora hat, you can indulge in it a bit. Give your wardrobe a makeover with this addition. It can instantly become a staple. You can find yourself wearing your hat more often. After all, that’s the beauty of these versatile hats. As a fashionable person, you must take advantage of this accessory.

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