New York City Bucket List for 2022

New York City Bucket List for 2021

New York is the dream city for many people all over the world – truly, nothing can match the energy and vibe of this amazing place. According to Philip Weiss, a Queens native, and the founder of the digital nomad lifestyle site, it’s fascinating to see how even the most mundane things in New York can be full of rich and cultural experiences.

When it comes to bucket lists, New Yorkers have an advantage because there is never a dull moment in the city. The city that never sleeps offers a plethora of events to pick from, ranging from the quirky to the classy to the downright wild, and what kind of outlet would we be if we didn’t help you find them?

Weiss lists familiar go-to activities such as hanging out at Central Park, watching live sporting events, and going shopping as just some of the things to do in NYC once everything settles down and goes back to normal. We’ve also asked some of our industry peers about the first things they’ll do in the Big Apple once the world normalizes. Here are their responses:

Allison Scola, Owner and Curator of Experience Sicily

The first thing on my to-do list will be to host more Cannoli Crawls—the walking, the history, and the food tour that I established and lead in downtown Manhattan. I like to call it my love letter to the City.

I miss sharing my hometown and the stories about its inhabitants with New Yorkers and visitors alike. Certainly, eating the food on the tour is one thing, but truly, it’s the characters that we meet along the way and the wonder and surprise about the off-the-beaten-path history I share with my guests that I look forward to.

We start in the South Village and eat our way east and south to Little Italy. We meet hard-working New Yorkers—all the small business owners, bakers, chefs, and waiters who give New York character. And in addition to learning nuggets of Italian-American history, you learn (almost) everything there is to know about cannoli.

Suzanne Bratton, Marketing Coordinator on Trip Shock

After months of being cooped up during the quarantine and adhering to social distancing guidelines, the majority of people are ready to mix and mingle! With that being said, once the world normalizes, and all health and travel restrictions are lifted, experiencing the thriving and lively New York City nightlife should definitely be at the top of your NYC bucket list.

New York City nightlife comes in all shapes and sizes, meaning there is something for all types of party people to enjoy! But, no matter what, you will want to be sure to start with a delicious meal. New York City is the premier vacation destination for foodies, serving up delicious eats ranging in taste from the top fine-dining restaurants to a traditional New York slice.

After filling up on fantastic food, it’s time to hit the city. New York City nightlife offers everything from dance clubs, to Broadway shows, to rooftop lounges with skyscraper views! There is so much to see and do in The City That Never Sleeps at night. The options are endless, and can sometimes be intimidating to sort through.

Luckily, New York City has thought of everything, and offers pub crawls, drink tours, and nightlife excursions for those who want to see it all! This is a great way to be sure you experience the best of what the Big Apple has to offer, with a knowledgeable and local tour guide at the helm. Not only that, it takes the stress out of planning and having to navigate through a new city on your own.

Megan Indoe of Your Brooklyn Guide

One bucket list-worthy item I’m aching to experience once the city (and world) normalizes again would be the iconic and classic summer day at Coney Island on the boardwalk and at the amusement parks. This past year, the amusement parks and rides never had a chance to open and the fate of the park and some of the vendors who rely on tourism is unknown. We’re hoping that they’re able to stick it through to this upcoming year as we, along with many others, are eager to return for one of the most well-known amusement parks and boardwalks in the country.

The Wonder Wheel turned 100 years old this year and sadly wasn’t open to let visitors ride. It’s impressive that this eccentric Ferris wheel has been operating for a century with no incidents or accidents and no other disruptions in service except for a power outage in 1977 with passengers aboard. Luckily the operator used the hand crank to get everyone down safely. The Wonder Wheel also has inspired replicas all over the world including in Japan and even Disneyland.

If there’s one thing I regret not doing before 2022, it would be riding this iconic piece of New York history that’s brought joy to people for generations.

Candy Godoy of

I’m a native New Yorker, born and raised in Hell’s Kitchen. The first thing on my NYC Bucket List for 2022 (after things go back to normal!) is to eat a big meal in a packed restaurant (I haven’t eaten inside a restaurant since March). I’d like to sit in a coffee shop and read a book for a few hours, and just not be in a rush to avoid being around people and not be indoors. I’ll also enjoy (hopefully) not seeing as many rats on the street, especially at night when I walk my dogs.

Christina Stanton, author of Out of the Shadow of 9/11 and Faith in the Face of COVID-19

When the virus is over, I’ll go back to my favorite neighborhood and spend lots of time there: Nolita. New York City is well-known for its dazzling collection of outsized Flagship stores. But what is less familiar—and harder to find—are Manhattan’s amazing array of unique and diverse boutique communities.

Nolita is perfect for those searching for that unique piece of the beautifully crafted item. Along with awesome shopping, the area is chock full of bistros and specialty shops, furniture stores, and art galleries.

There are also historical and architecturally significant spots, such as Old St. Patrick’s church, the Children’s Aid Society building, and the Elizabeth Street Garden. TV/movie scenes, such as the Godfather films, as well as celebrity homes of young and hip millennials, adds to the allure of Nolita.

Scott Hamlin
Scott is the editor-in-chief of Spice Market New York. He is also an author and publisher of his own craft.