New York Style Trends to Look Out for in 2022

New York City Bucket List for 2021

Like a breath of fresh air in what could be the most tumultuous year in this lifetime, the spring/summer fashion shows of 2020 reminded us how—sometimes—it’s important to focus on creativity and simplicity. New York fashion trends, for one, is an adventure on its own. It brings a mix of audaciousness and functionality, especially during these unprecedented times.

We’ve recently interviewed our industry peers to talk about New York City fashion forecast for 2022. Below are just some of their thoughts.

Smaller, More Eccentric Brands Will Gain More Buzz

Even though the pandemic made everything disastrous, the month of September and the New York Fashion Week gave us a lot of inspirational looks and upcoming trends. The best part is that the smaller brands were the most buzzing ones and below are some of the important style trends for the upcoming year.

The first one would be, my personal favorite, frills. Even if this year was all about comfort clothes, girlish details like frills, ruffled collars, and cuffs made the list. Even the balloon sleeves and comfy sportswear become the style trend.

Secondly, girl suits and formal wear were not only appreciated by the designers but also by the public in general. The youth, especially the non-binary orientation ones, are getting attracted towards this trend. Formal wear on women has never been this much appreciated ever.

Lastly, black has always been the color that everyone loves but still considered to be a bit conventional and boring but what is interesting is that the black dress has never been in trend much, but this year is different. Black dresses are creating waves all around the city and it is quite refreshing.

– Jennifer Willy, Editor, Etia

Nostalgic Design Elements Will Continue Its Momentum

Fashion in 2022 is going to be about throwbacks, comfort, and color. 10 months in isolation has stirred up a sense of nostalgia and 80s-style fashion will be making a comeback. Think Miami Vice: oversized blazers/boyfriend jackets and pops of sherbet colors.

Breezy spring fashion also means that 2022 is going to be about comfort. Waistlines will be a little more forgiving and fabrics will be softer; yes, luxurious leisure wear will be key to 2022 fashion.

Next, expect jewelry to become a centerpiece of fashion. With daily Zoom marathons, people will be focusing on the artwork that frames your face, not the sweatpants that you’ve been wearing all week (and can’t see).

Lastly, the COVID-19 vaccines may be rolling out, but face masks aren’t going away anytime soon. Simple, versatile masks will be an essential part of 2022 fashion.

– Lisa Sanchez, Fashion Editor, The Nines

Purposeful Accessories Will Be the Focal Point

Accessories that uplift give back will be the biggest fashion trend for 2022. Like the roaring 20s after the 1918 flu pandemic and post 9/11, bright colored accessories will drive fashion trends this year.

Specifically handbags, totes, belts, and jewelry that aren’t only uplifting in spirit, but also raise others up through going back, economic empowerment, and providing jobs for people will be the trend of 2022. To that end, the story behind the accessories and how they’re made will be just as important as the item itself.

Do they enable a better life not only for the person buying them, but for everyone who touched them along the way to purchase? Do they uplift, inspire, excite people to be compassionate? All of these things matter most in trends for 2022 and moving forward.

New Yorkers are resilient, kind, direct people. The city never ceases to amaze me in times like these. Creativity always prevails during down times and leads humanity back to alignment. I’m sure we will see the same in 2022.

– Hadley Pollet, Fashion Designer and CEO, Hadley Pollet LLC

New York Fashion Will Be Edgier, More Practical

From working with private clients, to styling fashion shoots, to serving my entrepreneur clients, it appears that fashion is going to be practical with an edge—especially on the streets of NYC. Think athleisure mixed with designer pieces will be the new city staple.

I’ve spoken to many designers and they’ve all agreed that the fashion industry has changed. People want to wear wardrobe essentials that will make them feel good about themselves and somewhat dressed up, but comfortable as well.

Virtual reality has also become a thing. No excuse to get super dressed up, but hey, if you want to go to a local supermarket or walk your dog looking like a fabulous fashionista then why not? My personal style is somewhat eclectic.

One day I can dress in streetwear, think oversized hoodie with amazing leggings and sneakers, or I can be wearing an amazing statement jacket, jeans, and my favorite Gucci slides. I tend to dress for how I feel not into trends.

– Soneca Guadara, Personal Fashion Stylist, Style By Soneca

Scott is the editor-in-chief of Spice Market New York. He is also an author and publisher of his own craft.