Foods you Should Try During Your Visit to New York

Foods you Should Try During Your Visit to New York

When Visiting New York, you have to add NY food to your itinerary. The Big Apple is full of culinary delights, and you simply can’t leave the city without tasting some of the more iconic dishes. There is a whole range of foods to try; from NYC classics like pizza to local flavors such as falafel or BEC sandwiches, there is something for everyone in this bustling metropolis. 

If you are visiting New York, you could benefit from these recommendations of foods to try, from habitual NY travelers and native Newyorkers.

New York Style Bagel from Ess-a-Bagel

“There is nothing more iconic than a delicious, New York-style bagel. And one of the best places to try this New York staple is Ess-a-Bagel. They are located right in Midtown- on 3rd Avenue near Grand CentralTerminal – and are known for serving up fresh and delicious New York bagels every single morning. Therefore, definitely expect to wait in line. However, the wait is totally worth it since their toasted everything bagels with regular cream cheese are the stuff that foodie dreams are made of. Otherwise, if you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, try their cinnamon raisin bagel with chocolate chip cream cheese. I know it sounds weird but it’s really good.”

Kelly Duhigg, Girl with the Passport

NY HERO’s Sandwiches

“For best in NY foods, attention always jumps to pizza, bagels, and the classic BEC. When I bring out-of-towners into the city, they are usually blown away with the sandwiches. There is no bread quite like a NY hero or roll, and most sandwich makers aren’t shy about loading you up with a pile of meat and other toppings. Honestly, you could go into most bodegas and get a killer sandwich, but if you’re just visiting for a few days, check out a walking sandwich food tour. There are plenty on Airbnb and Trip Advisor.”

Mike Germade, Empire Abrasives

Lady M’s Crepe Cakes

“When traveling to NYC, visitors typically try different ice creams, cookies, cupcakes, etc., but Lady M’s crepe cakes are a must-try. Lady M is known as the creator of the world-famous Mille Crêpes, a cake coupling layers upon layers of soft cream and lacy French crêpes. Each Mille Crêpes cake features at least 20 alternating layers of crêpes and cream. Every Lady M cake contains the highest quality, hand-picked ingredients from around the world-Lady M’s matcha and superfine flour come from Japan, and its chocolate comes from France. Customers can order full cakes or slices at any Lady M boutique in NYC.”

Lady M boutique


“New York water apparently makes the thin crust pizza in the city the best you’ll find. My personal favorite is San Matteo on Upper East Side – perfect after a visit to Museum Mile.” (Rebecca Maxwell)


“There’s little more typically New York than a bagel, ideally an Everything Bagel filled with whatever your personal favorite is. Again, the New York water makes for the lightest bagels you’ll find. Tompkins Square Bagels are hard to beat.” (Rebecca Maxwell)


“A favorite dessert all year round, but particularly in those hot NYC summers. For simply the best ice cream you’ll ever taste, flavor-forward & unique, go to Malai Ice Cream in Brooklyn. Over the summer, also available on Governor’s Island.” (Rebecca Maxwell)

Food Trucks

“They’re everywhere and worth trying. Not the ‘dirty dog’ stands, but the full food trucks. A great way to make an experience of it is to visit either Queens or Bronx Night Markets for a tasty selection at wallet-friendly prices.”

Rebecca Maxwell, Business Coach Perceptions Insights


“NY Bagels are just the best. I’ve tried Bagels in other parts of the world, but there’s simply no league. Our favorites; Bagel shops are H&H Bagels and Leo’s Bagels.” (Chiara Gomiero)


“OK, I’m Italian, so I know what I’m talking about here, but New York pizza is just so good and tasty. If I have to pick the best, outside of Italian pizza style, New York style is my favorite.” (Chiara Gomiero)

Hot Dogs

“We tried once Gray’s Papaya Hot Dog, and it was amazing. Every time we are in town, we stop by for a grab one.” (Chiara Gomiero)


“I traveled quite a lot and tried various good burgers. Again when it comes down to taste and sizes, New York burgers still are on top of my list. We go to various places, but if I have to name one, I’ll go with Shake Shack.” (Chiara Gomiero)


“Can you finish a meal without dessert? No, you can’t, and New York cookies are just too yummy to skip them. We also bring a few at home to share with friends. They always go very fast.”

Chiara Gomiero, Handy Wine Guide

New York-style Pizza

“Never dying NY-style pizza is known to different countries. But it is different if you get to try it in its hometown. This pizza is a hand-tossed large thin crust that has a thick and crispy edge and soft, pliable inner crust. New York-style pizza eaten in New York is a different story.” (George Mouratidis)


“This signature sandwich of NY is a must-try. It is a Jewish delicacy that combines pastrami, rye bread, and spicy mustards into one mouth-watering sandwich. This classic food is something you shouldn’t forget.” (George Mouratidis)


“Filled with pickles, vegetables, and special sauce like tahini, this sandwich is also delicious. This concept came from the Middle East and made pita into something extra special. This is one of the must-eats.”

George Mouratidis, Marketing Professional at New York Informer

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