Top 7 Gay Bars Brooklyn

Top 7 Gay Bars Brooklyn NYC - a bartender pouring drinks on glasses on table inside a bar with nice lighting

Welcome to the vibrant and ever-changing landscape of Brooklyn, a hub for diversity and nightlife in New York City. In this electrifying borough, some establishments have defied the odds, and through the power of community and equality, have created spaces specifically tailored to the LGBTQ+ crowd. These establishments aren’t just bars – they have morphed into safe havens, fostering love and acceptance for everyone who walks through their doors.

In this article, we are going to take you on a tour of the top 7 gay bars in Brooklyn. These are the places that have not only stayed true to their purpose but also defined what it means to be a stand-out venue in terms of ambiance, customer service, and most importantly, inclusivity. Get ready to explore a side of Brooklyn that embraces its diverse population, a community that thrives on love, empathy, and an unwavering desire to uplift everyone. Grab a drink, kick back, and let’s dive in.

Gay Bars Brooklyn

1. Metropolitan

As one of the pioneering gay bars in Brooklyn, Metropolitan is renowned for its welcoming atmosphere, serving as a vibrant sanctuary for various events such as engaging drag shows and lively dance parties. The bar is a beacon of inclusivity, attracting a diverse crowd that mirrors the rich tapestry of Brooklyn’s community, offering a lineup of classic cocktails and craft beers that have become crowd favorites.

2. The Rosemont

The Rosemont stands out in Brooklyn’s bustling LGBTQ+ landscape with its electrifying ambiance and an eclectic entertainment lineup, making it a sought-after destination for those seeking a dynamic nightlife experience. Known for its captivating drag shows and thematic nights, The Rosemont is a place where creativity and diversity flourish, inviting patrons to savor its specialty cocktails and on-tap beers.

3. Macri Park

In the heart of Brooklyn, Macri Park is celebrated for its relaxed and friendly vibe, providing a perfect backdrop for casual drinks and intimate gatherings. This bar is a beloved spot among locals, offering a serene outdoor seating area where patrons can unwind and socialize, all while enjoying a selection of signature cocktails and a curated wine list that appeals to diverse palates.

4. 3 Dollar Bill

3 Dollar Bill, a capacious venue in Brooklyn, is a hub of energy and entertainment, hosting an array of events from spellbinding drag shows to pulsating dance parties and live performances. This venue is a cornerstone of Brooklyn’s nightlife, offering a versatile space that adapts to the vibrant and ever-changing nature of its events, complemented by an innovative menu of craft cocktails and specialty shots designed to delight and surprise its patrons.

5. Ginger’s Bar

Ginger’s Bar exudes a warm and inviting atmosphere, where the friendly staff goes above and beyond to ensure a welcoming experience for all. As a cozy neighborhood spot, it offers a unique blend of social interaction and relaxation, with karaoke nights adding a fun twist to the usual bar scene. Patrons can enjoy a selection of draft beers and classic cocktails, making Ginger’s Bar a beloved staple in the community for those seeking a genuine, down-to-earth vibe.

6. The Holler

The Holler presents a unique, rustic ambiance, serving as an inviting nexus for Brooklyn’s LGBTQ+ community and beyond. This venue is more than just a bar; it’s a space where patrons can enjoy themed nights and live music, creating a vibrant and engaging atmosphere. With its western-themed decor and an impressive selection of whiskey cocktails and beer flights, The Holler offers a distinctive experience that celebrates the spirit of togetherness and entertainment.

7. Happyfun Hideaway

Happyfun Hideaway is a quirky and charming bar that offers a cozy retreat from the urban hustle, where patrons can immerse themselves in a laid-back atmosphere adorned with retro arcade games and an inviting outdoor patio. This neighborhood gem is a sanctuary for those seeking a friendly and eclectic environment, where the focus is on creating memorable experiences through a diverse selection of craft beers and specialty cocktails, fostering a sense of community and joy.


To sum it up, Brooklyn’s gay scene is vibrant and thriving, offering a rich selection of seven top-tier gay bars that contribute greatly to the area’s dynamic nightlife. These places not only serve as a meeting point for the LGBTQ+ community but are also attractions for anyone seeking a fun night out. Their lively ambiance, friendly vibes, and top-notch cocktails make them the pearls of New York City’s nightlife. Each one guarantees a unique experience, making nightlife in Brooklyn truly unforgettable.

Scott is the editor-in-chief of Spice Market New York. He is also an author and publisher of his own craft.