Where Are The Best Restaurants In New York Located?

Where Are The Best Restaurants In New York Located?
Where Are The Best Restaurants In New York Located?

No need to look here and there in search of where are the best restaurants in New York located. In this article, we have compiled some of the best restaurants in New York City.

You’ll find everything from Italian cuisine at Babbo to Japanese food at Sushi Nakazawa to classic French fare. And with so many options, you can’t go wrong! It doesn’t matter if it’s your date night or family dinner; there’s something on this list for everyone!

Africa Kine

2267 Adam Clayton Powell Jr Blvd
New York, NY 10027

Africa Kine has been open in NYC since 1996. It has been running by founders Kine and Samba Niang who grew up in Dakar. 

Africa Kine moved north a few years ago into a more compact space with an expanded menu. They have added more dishes to their menu including Senegalese mainstays like thiebu djen (fish or vegetables stuffed over rice), mafe (lamb or chicken served on peanut sauce) yassa(chicken of fish cooked with lemon and onion confit). At dinner, you’ll find tempting dishes like shrimp brochettes, roast leg of lamb, grilled lamb chops, and baked fish.

La Morada

308 Willis Ave
The Bronx, NY 10454

Mott Haven cafe La Morada is one of the small numbers of New York restaurants specializing in Oaxacan cuisine. This restaurant is best known for preparing difficult-to-prepare moles. Their chefs are pro in making dishes: Mole Verde with green chiles and jalapeños, mole pipian with pumpkin seeds, as well as the much spicier mole Oaxaqueño which contains seven kinds of dry peppers. But other menu items are also mouth-watering like hand patted sopes or a crisp tlayuda loaded with toppings. The Petite space in downtown Columbus also doubles as a community center, where the family members are immigration activists. The restaurant is open Tuesday through Friday from 11:00 am to 6 pm for dine-in and takeaway.


109 Malcolm X Blvd
New York, NY 10026

Chef JJ Johnson, in his love for rice-focused dishes, has created a sanctuary of sorts. Expect some exciting new additions to the menu to satisfy any taste bud’s craving with flavor profiles. They offer different items like sweet and spicy seafood gumbo (with scallops and shrimp) or rich brisket bowls made with Texas brown rice cream cheese crab pockets and many more. If you’re looking for something more lighthearted on your plate – don’t forget to try their vegan hibiscus milk soft serve!

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