Best Milkshakes NYC: Black Tap

Best Milkshakes NYC: Black Tap

It might be incredibly challenging to pick which burger establishments in New York City to try because there are so many of them. You have Shake Shack, which is widely considered to be the most popular chain, and then you have a lot of other ones, each of which specializes in a different area. Black Tap NYC is widely regarded as one of the best restaurants in New York City for burgers, and it is also widely regarded as one of the most popular restaurants in the city for milkshakes. Because of the variety of colors in their shakes, they are ideal for posting on Instagram if you are active on social media.

The success of this restaurant can be attributed in large part to the milkshakes served at Black Tap NYC. The lengthy queues in front of Black Tap NYC area due to the insanity that is their shake menu. Right after it opened at 11 in the morning, we made our way to the location in SoHo located on Broome Street. We were curious as to what the issue was with their milkshakes, so we inquired.

Crazy Milkshakes and of Course Your Classics

The restaurant offers a broad variety of wacky shakes in addition to the traditional milkshakes that you would expect to find there. The menu at Black Tap NYC is fairly solid and features a variety of options, from burgers to salads as well. There is no need for you to be concerned if you are not a lover of milkshakes because there is beer available on tap.

Bam Bam milkshake from Black Tap NYC (Tripadvisor)

We got the Bam Bam milkshake from Black Tap NYC, which was filled with Fruity Pebbles and other sweet stuff, as well as the traditional strawberry milkshake. Both of these milkshakes were delicious. We had the American Classic Burger and the Burger Salad to go along with our shakes. Although the cuisine was tasty, the milkshakes took the cake. To give you a heads up, the serving size of the milkshakes is rather substantial, and as a result, we were unable to complete drinking them all. There are three different sites of Black Tap in New York. There is one in the Lower East Side, another in Midtown, and yet another in SoHo (where we went.)

The Pinnacle of Instagram Photography

Black Tap NYC is typically at capacity. We strongly suggest that you go there for milkshakes and burgers immediately when the restaurant is due to start a business. At certain times, you could have to wait in line for up to an hour before being served. Their milkshake is one of the most delicious in New York City, and it makes a great photo opportunity for your social media channel. In addition, Black Tap has one of the greatest social media presences in the New York City restaurant market, having over 300,000 followers on their various accounts. To access their website and for further details, please click here.

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