Best Hotel In New York City On A Budget

Best Hotel In New York City On A Budget

Are you planning your visit to New York and looking for the best hotel in New York City on a budget, then this blog post is for you. In this article, we have named some of the best yet cheap hotels in NYC. 

Millennium Broadway Times Square

Located in the heart of Manhattan, The Millennium Broadway offers guests a front-row seat to the nonstop action of Times Square. You’ll be so close you can access The Hudson Theater via our lobby! Check out our special packages that include tickets to your favorite show currently running on Broadway.

Hudson Hotel

This midtown gem’s prime location, modern rooms, and inspiring lobby make it the perfect pick for a luxurious stay in New York City. It is one of the best restaurants in New York City. The hotel’s sleek yet whimsical aesthetic can be found throughout an airy lobby wonderland reminiscent of an ivy-covered greenhouse. With Central Park and the Guggenheim Museum steps away from this quaint lodging, you’ll have plenty to do when your itinerary calls for some breathing room or if you want to explore New York after dark–get ready!

The Jane

This century-old landmark is one of NYC’s most iconic properties. The hipster haven has a storied past visible through its vintage aesthetic. The hotel was once home to survivors on board the Titanic–maintaining that same luxurious feel throughout your stay with custom-built rooms reminiscent of ship cabins. Whether you prefer more space or need privacy from roommates: this place will have it all! 

The Harlem Flophouse

The dark-wood, moody lighting, and lilting jazz music make musician René Calvo’s Harlem inn feel more like a 1930s speakeasy than a 21st-century B&B. The airy suites are named for the great artists of the Harlem Renaissance Era, such as Chester Himes and Cozy Cole with restored tin ceilings, quirky mix-in junk store furnishings – proper to its original antique cabinets. That can work!

Carlton Arms Hotel

The Carlton Arms Art Project is a live-in art gallery and bohemian backpackers’ paradise. Started in the late 1970s, it was initially just an old shelter renovated with fresh paint and new ideas by creative types who wanted to bring life back into this run-down building. Today they offer every room festooned with outré artwork that will leave you breathless! The place gets booked early, so make sure to reserve well ahead of time.


What is the average cost of a hotel room in New York City?

The average price for one person in New York City is $137. For two people sharing a standard double-occupancy hotel room, the average cost of accommodation in NYC drops to just over $274!

Where can I sleep for free in NYC?

Free Places to Sleep in NYC

  • Whole Foods. 
  • Bloomingdales.
  • The Dreamery by Casper.
  • IBM Plaza Atrium.
  • The Collective Paper Factory.
  • Pod Hotels.

How much money do I need for four days in New York?

You can likely make it through a four-day NYC trip with $100, but you’ll need to be more restrictive in your activities and living situation. With the additional funds of $200 per person for four days, you will have a much more fantastic opportunity since there is no limit on what can or cannot be done within reason!

Which is the best month to visit New York?

The best time to visit New York City is when the weather isn’t too hot and not crowded with tourists. The cheapest times are weekends from mid-January until early February because it costs less for flights, hotels, and other travel expenses.

Is it expensive to visit New York?

More than just a city. New York is an experience that’s been framed by nearly every media outlet in the world as “expensive.” But if you are one of those who can only afford to do it once, come and see why everyone says this place never sleeps!

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