How Far Is Atlantic City From New York City?

How Far Is Atlantic City From New York City?

The Big Apple! New York is a city that never sleeps and its people are always on the move. 8 million residents live in this bustling metropolis, from which one can find anything their heart desires; it’s home to Central Park or Times Square–and all of Theaters Square Mile too.

Atlantic City has it all, the beaches and casinos! That is what makes this city so great. You can spend your night in an Atlantic City casino without having to do too much planning for the next day- that’s how we like our vacations anyway right?

But the real question is how far away is Atlantic City from New York? The actual distance is 126 miles or 203 km

Atlantic City is a short drive away from New York, but there are many things you can do to make it more interesting. For example, if you’re not feeling up for driving straight through after stopping at various points along the way and taking in some roadside scenery then keep scrolling down this page where we’ve calculated how long of a trip that would be without any stops.

NJ Transit has a train line that is specifically for the Atlantic City area, called the “Atlantic County Line.” The first stop on this rail service goes all way into Pennsauken and then onward to Trenton where you’ll have transferred onto other Northeast Corridor-bound trains through Philadelphia’s vicinities

“With its close proximity (less than 2 hours) from New York City,” says Joe Cutrufo of RiverLine Travel & Tours LLC., “river travel offers one less hassle option when compared with air travel.”

The bus ride from New York to Atlantic City is a long and arduous one, but it’s worth it for those who love traveling. The journey can take up to 2 hours or more depending on what traffic there may be along the way which averages around 3 minutes per mile as well. The flight time is about 1/3rd of the driving distance because planes fly much faster than cars.

Atlantic city is not far away from main New York City. It’s a good place to stay and visit with a lot of tourist attractions.

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