How Far Is Buffalo New York From New York City?

How Far Is Buffalo New York From New York City

New York City, located in the United States with coordinates (40.7143,-74.006) is just 290 miles or 480 kilometers away from neighboring Buffalo – also listed as being within North America’s borders but further west on this map at coordinates 42.8865° N 78 colonists’ degrees W. The calculated flying distance between NYC and BUFFALO by plane would be 292mi which equates out to 470 km if you’re traveling at speeds typical for driving- 5 hours 41 minutes.

The best way to estimate how long a trip is going to be is by looking at your route and adding an average amount of time for rest stops, gas, or food. You’ll also want to figure in some leeway so that you can account for unexpected events such as traffic jams along the highway which could cause delays if they happen while traveling on this particular stretch of road.

The bus journey time between Manhattan and Buffalo is around 7h 42m. It covers a distance of 672 km, but the fastest buses usually take no more than 8 hours (or even less). This bus service departs from New York City with stops in various areas along its route before arriving at their final destination: Buffalo. 13 busses operate weekly on weekdays–so check ahead about what days you’ll be traveling for the best options!

A plane flies much faster than a car so that flight time is only about 1/5th of what would be needed if one were driving on roadways; whereas it takes around 54 minutes for an airplane ride towards new york city-buffalo which means those traveling by air will have less distance to cover compared.

The distance from New York to Buffalo seems the same either way whether you’re flying in a straight line, or driving on roads that run back and forth between these two cities.

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