The Best Delis in New York

The Best Delis in New York

While touring New York City, you are almost always passing by a deli. Like the Yellow cabs and subway, Delis are very famous in New York City. Delis in New York dates back to 1800, when Jewish immigrants arrived. They essentially imported their cuisine and traditions to the city and opened the majority of its delis today.

In 1885, the first deli opened its doors. We like delis because they are straightforward and authentic and have fair costs and a wide variety of food selections. In New York, you can find delis featuring a small grocery shops.

Mile End Delicatessen

Mile End Delicatessen is a New York insider with two locations (Manhattan and Brooklyn). It was founded by Noah Bernamoff of Canada and Rae Cohen of New York, who is married. Together, they brought back their clients’ childhood memories by offering recipes that their grandmothers used to prepare for them, earning this spot on our list of the top delis in New York.

Mile End Delicatessen has evolved into a truly unique establishment where you can discover high-quality, kosher, and extremely delicious meals.

Katz’s Delicatessen

This is a must-see for travelers and one of New York’s top delis. Since 1888, this location has been a Jewish institution. Katz’s Delicatessen is known worldwide. 

They are famous for a scene filmed for a Hollywood movie and their A+ pastrami sandwiches. There is no other restaurant like Katz’s. Prices can be a little on the high side, but there are so many tourists here, and the pastrami is some of the best in the city.

Pastrami Queen

Have a pastrami sandwich from Pastrami Queen on the Upper East Side before you depart New York. This restaurant has been a fixture in the region east of Central Park and the New Yorker food scene for over 30 years. 

Their large assortment of sandwiches makes it difficult to choose but be assured. They are all wonderful, so you can not go wrong. This establishment certainly earns the title of Queen; its pastrami is regarded as some of the greatest in the city.

Frankel’s Delicatessen

Zach and Eric Frankel have been selling their traditional Jewish cuisine in Greenpoint since 2016. Even though it is one of New York’s newest delis, and even though it does not have a fancy name like “Katz,” it is a must-visit. We ordered the Pastrami-Egg-Sandwich, which was excellent.

If you are wandering around Williamsburg or Greenpoint, make a pit stop at Frankel’s Delicatessen for a sandwich. It is on our list of New York’s top delis.

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