Smart Ways to Look Classy and Elegant

Smart Ways to Look Classy and Elegant
Smart Ways to Look Classy and Elegant

Classy and Elegant is one style never going out of fashion! It doesn’t even really take much apparently. All you need is the right combination- which includes more than just clothes. It doesn’t mean expensive designer labels either. So, we’ve brought experts from the fashion world to give you some pointers to achieving your classy and elegant look.

Quick Tips to Classy and Elegant

Adanna Jideofor’s5 Tips On How To Look Classy and Elegant’ include everything from clothes, to hair and posture. “Fashion is always evolving with recycled trends that come and go. Class and Elegance can be seen in your appearance and behavior. Less is more: You don’t have to wear many clothes to look classy. A simple outfit accentuating your best body features is just enough. Watch fashion reality TV shows like Project Runway and ANTM (America’s Next Top Model) to learn more about class and elegance.

Experiment with fashion brands: Luxury is not a determinant of class although most people would disagree. You can look tacky wearing only popular designers/labels from head to toe. For example, some celebrities and artists could do away with the Versace and Fendi prints. If you must rock a luxurious item, make sure it’s an original because it’s so easy to spot fake designer wears. You can still look classy by wearing High Street, Fast Fashion and Haute Couture fashion brands that are very affordable.

Colors: Play with colors when it comes to fashion. Once in a while, be spontaneous in your choice of colors for your clothing, shoes and bags. Bright colors make your outfit pop! Warm colors make you look more desirable and presentable. You can check for trending color palettes for each fashion season and the color of the year.

Have a signature hairstyle: Victoria Beckham has a signature side sweep bob hairdo which highlights her beautiful facial features; try new hairstyles that suit your face. One of my old favorite TV shows, ‘HOW DO I LOOK?’ hosted by Jeannie Mai, shows the importance of having a good hairstyle.

Work on your posture: This is an important element of elegance. Walk with your head up high, no slouching, take long strides as you walk and be confident in yourself regardless of your body type or shape.”

Adanna Jideofor is the PR Manager of My Speech Class

Get Clothes that Fit

“The most simple way to look classy and elegant is to choose clothing that fits and compliments your body type, ideally, go for a tailor-made option. Make sure the clothes suit your body shape. The gorgeous Kate Middleton is a great example, she often looks elegant and stylish, and if you notice, all of her outfits are made for her body shape. Avoid loud and bright colors.

Take this to mean everything from bright clothing with bold prints to bright red lipstick that draws attention to your lips, which looks great on others but not on you. Your goal is to look elegant, classy, and poised, so select neutral or soft colors for clothing and makeup. You can also go for organic clothes with light colors which makes it easier to match with any bottoms. To accessorize, choose a small number of items that complement each other.”

Ann Young, Co-Inventor & CEO Fix The Photo


“Jewelry is the easiest way to look elegant quickly. Even if you’re in jeans and a t-shirt, you can easily elevate your look with the right pieces. The staple items I always recommend to our clients are: Diamond stud earrings, Gold hoops, A diamond tennis bracelet, A diamond by the yard necklace. Any of those items can instantly make an outfit look more polished. Besides those staple items, our clients are trying new trends to take their jewelry to the next level. Clients are mixing and matching metal types to give an edgy sophisticated look. We’re also seeing the old pearl trend come back in style. Nothing is more elegant than pearls!”

Alexis Taub is the founder of Alexis Jae Jewelry

An internationally recognized 27-year-old creative professional, and style expert, Carolyn Antoanette Rubido offers her experience in the fashion world with some smart ways to looking classy.

1. Make sure your hair, make-up, and nails are ALWAYS done: Even if you have a day where you do not feel like dressing to the nines, your hair, make-up, and nails will be a huge indicator of your class and elegance. I call it the holy trinity of looking great. If these three very important things are present, you will surely look the part.

2. Accessorize accordingly: Accessories can make your outfit go from a big no to a big yes. It is important to keep the dimensions of your outfit in mind when it comes to accessorizing. When done correctly it can really make you look POP.

3. The way you sit is a huge sign of your elegance: You might remember in the princess diaries where Mia Thermopolis is learning etiquette, and she falls off her chair whilst trying to learn how to cross her legs appropriately… well, that is exactly how one should sit if you want to look elegant and classy… you must cross your legs one behind the other as opposed to one on top of the other.

4. Wear white when all else fails but do not overdo it: White is very much so a neutral color that projects a certain sense of being clean so to speak. It is definitely a go-to color for looking classy. Do not overdo it by wearing ALL white, however, a white piece(s) as a part of your outfit will surely be a very classy go-to choice.

5. Being well-rounded in conversation: become knowledgeable in many topics. Current events, worldly affairs, politics, sports, books, films, art… You never know when a good conversation can land you an opportunity. Being well-rounded and well-spoken is a very classy trait.

6. Table manners: Learning your table manners is one of the most important parts of elegance and class. Learning which fork to use during which meal, or how to fold the napkin on your lap, and even how to drink wine from your glass is very important to learn when attempting to achieve a state of elegance.

8. Heels: Darling, heels are not a want but a need when it comes to looking elegant. Wearing heels gives one an angled lift that certainly makes heads turn. It is important to know your limit when it comes to how high the heels are in order to properly walk in an elegant manner. Once you master a good heel, the world is your oyster.

9. Balance: Finding a balance in your outfit is very important, we do not want to over-do statement pieces for your day-to-day classy looks. Making sure to play with your statement pieces in contrast with something that ties the look together as opposed to oversaturating yourself with them to stand out is the key!”

It all sounds pretty simple, and maybe it is! All we need to do is follow some simple formulas that decide the combination that gives us our desired look while also adding the element of sophistication. With all these professional tips and tricks, now anyone can look classy and elegant!

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