Here’s Why Try on Engagement Rings at Home Are Best

Here's Why Try on Engagement Rings at Home Are Best

Finding someone you see yourself spending the rest of your life with is special, and the journey from the first meeting to the decision to get engaged is unique for everyone. However, we can confidently say that the journey to find the perfect engagement ring is similar.

With endless choices in jewelry stores and online jewelry suppliers, anyone would feel shopping fatigue quickly.

The selection process becomes more complex as significant factors come into play, including budget, taste, and knowledge of different engagement ring styles. Choosing the best one takes on varied meanings depending on how much you know about engagement rings. You may have no idea as to what you want or know exactly what you’re looking for.

Whatever the case may be, engagement rings to try on at home are the perfect solution for customers who want only the best in preparation for the most important day of their lives.

An at home engagement ring try on gives you a sense of how the ring will feel on your hand and you can see details that you would not be able to see online. Seeing something on your phone’s browser or your computer screen is very different from trying it on your hand or wearing it for an extended period.

Trying on engagement rings – in the form of custom-designed replica engagement rings – is 100% better than buying a pre-designed one from a jewelry store just off the shelf. Your engagement is a life-changing occasion, and each phase deserves the right amount of consideration and exceptional attention to detail. So what better way to express your delight at the occasion than with a ring try on at home?

Is a Wedding Ring Try on at Home for You?

Those who haven’t given much thought to a custom engagement ring are often overwhelmed with the sheer number of engagement ring choices both in stores and online. 

Because they don’t know much about engagement rings, they settle for dusty, pre-made ones that do not fully express their personality or their story as a couple.

But what if we told you that it is possible to get a one-of-a-kind engagement ring and work with a professional who knows gemology and crafting like the back of their hand? Some engagement ring companies create custom engagement rings that fully match their customers’ creative vision and needs.

These companies are responsible for matching customers with expert jewelry designers. These designers, in turn, will turn your ideas into a stunning, brilliant reality. Virtual consultations are a boon to clients who want to quickly kick-start the design process.

After one or more consultations, the jewelry experts/designers will prepare your engagement ring for home try on. The lead time is usually just seven to ten days. After that, you will be able to try on the replica ring at home before investing in your ring. This is different from what other online jewelry retailers offer because the customer becomes a vital part of the creative process.

You become part of that magical journey from start to finish.

The result will have your creative DNA – a lasting testament to the care and love you put into an engagement. The minor details are what make an engagement ring special and unique to you.

Wearing something in real life is a different experience than seeing something magnified on your computer screen.  Trying a replica ring will help you determine whether the ring metal is suited to your skin tone.

For example, a person has a cool skin tone if they have visible blue veins on their skin. These people typically have dark, brown, or blonde hair. They will have either brown or blue eyes, too. People with veins that appear greenish rather than bluish belong to the warm skin tone group. They may have blonde or red hair and eyes that are hazel, green, or blue. If your skin doesn’t match the previous two categories, you may have a neutral skin tone. Jewelry that compliments cool skin tones also works with neutral skin tones.

While anyone can technically wear any ring, it’s different if you want the engagement ring to be perfect, you need engagement rings to try on at home.

What to Expect from an Engagement Ring at Home Try On?

Working with custom engagement ring companies takes away the stress from shopping for a custom engagement ring.

After receiving the replica and examining if all the details you want have been satisfactorily integrated, it’s time to finalize the custom order so their goldsmiths and designers can begin working on your ring.

You will receive updates as they work on your custom engagement ring up until they ship it to your home. The best companies are dedicated to designing and providing you with a beautiful engagement ring without the restrictions of the outdated processes in the industry.

It’s no secret that the traditional process of buying an engagement ring is, at best, rigid and confusing.

Folks who don’t know that they have alternatives will turn to old, big brands that offer tired and uninspiring designs that don’t always express your personal preferences, taste, or style.

Why settle for something boring when you can have something representing your creative DNA? Another thing you should watch out for, especially when you are shopping online, are companies that tell you that you are getting a custom ring. Still, they’re just doing what everybody else is doing – keeping pre-cut and pre-designed rings in the background and pushing these out to customers as custom-made ones. The best designers also believe that you deserve more than just sales talk and old designs.

They also believe that every couple’s story deserves to be told through the craft and art of creating custom engagement rings. However, if all these things sound new to you, not everyone wants to break the mold of the old guard of the jewelry industry.

Fortunately, a handful of companies are already doing this, and the remarkable stories of couples who trust them with their custom ring design are genuinely inspiring. At home, try on engagement rings are a fantastic way to make sure you precisely get the ring you want.

A ring try-on at home means you won’t have to conform to anyone’s ideas. Instead, you get the best-looking ring that conforms exactly to what you want.

Think of the benefits of collaboration – something that many jewelry stores don’t offer. Since you’re buying the engagement ring ahead of time, having a custom-designed one made won’t have any impact on your timeline. With this unique partnership, you’re going to get precisely what you envisioned, enhanced by the skilled work of their designers and goldsmiths.

Reviewing the Essentials: The 4 C’s

It’s obvious that diamond rings are the most sought-after engagement rings and wedding rings. Diamonds are indeed forever, so customer education is also essential, especially if you buy a custom-made one.


Cut refers to the diamond’s “sparkle factor.” Some people mistake cut for the shape of the engagement ring (if you thought it was, that’s okay!) International standards grade diamond cuts from poor to excellent. When diamonds are cut professionally, those working the diamonds must do so within specific parameters based on the desired shape. Proper cutting ensures that the diamond’s facets will have maximum light interaction.


Carat is different from karat (with a “k”). This unit refers to the diamond’s weight. On average, customers buy diamond rings with a one carat of diamond. One carat is comparable to about 200 milligrams of the gemstone. A 200-gram diamond will weigh as much as an Advil.


If diamonds are rare, it is even rarer to encounter one that is entirely flawless. Therefore, there are grades of ‘flawlessness’ when grading different gemstones. This is not to say that gems are undesirable because they have natural flaws or inclusions.

These flaws are unavoidable, as natural processes form gems deep in the earth’s crust. Nature ‘makes’ diamonds over millions of years, and there will be imperfections. A diamond’s clarity grade is essential as it’s a significant price factor. Diamonds with almost invisible inclusions will fetch a higher price.


Like other gems, diamonds also come in a wide variety of colors. However, the rarest diamonds are truly colorless, and admittedly, the world’s idea of a diamond (the visual presentation) leans toward colorless diamonds instead of yellow or pink ones.

The great news is that there’s nothing wrong with picking a diamond with color. Some people even work with chocolate-colored ones. What is more important is what you want. How do you imagine the final product in your mind? How should the custom engagement ring look?

Scott is the editor-in-chief of Spice Market New York. He is also an author and publisher of his own craft.