7 Recipes to Try for your Next BBQ

There’s a high chance that the people in your family, friends circle, or neighborhood must be begging you to host a BBQ. While BBQs are a delightful way to get people together, if you’re not aware of how to rightly make use of the veggies, sauces, meat, seafood, and seasonings for your grilling routine, your BBQ is sure to be a downer. 

Much to your surprise, there are tons of finger-licking, easy, and quick BBQ recipe ideas available for those who want to wow their guests. You’ll find lots of enjoyable grilling inspiration here in this blog, whether you’re seeking recipes for steaks, burgers, vegan & vegetarian grill dishes, grilled salads (ideal for autumn evenings), or grilled flank lamb or steak! 

So, to get a load of all the best BBQ options to try on your next barbecue, below are some recommendations.

  1. Smoked Brisket

One of the best meats for barbecue is brisket. The tasty cut is ideal for the steady, low smoke produced by a nice and sturdy grill. Beef brisket is a cut of meat that is often cooked on the grill. It has a lot of marbling, which means it has a lot of fat. This fat helps to make the brisket tender and juicy.

To cook brisket, you first need to season it with salt, pepper, and other spices. Then, you cook it on the grill over low heat for a long time. This slow cooking process allows the brisket to become tender and flavorful.

Speaking of grills, hosting BBQs or just enjoying a nice chunk of smoked meat is only possible if you have a grill that supports your BBQ needs. So, if you don’t have a grill yet, it is about time you get one. You can check out BBQ Outfitters, as it is well-known for having the best smokers and grills and can even help you set up your outdoor kitchen. A grill from BBQ outfitters will surely help you cook up a nice and tender brisket. 

  1. Smoky Pulled Pork

If you’re a fan of smoky and slow-cooked meat, the smoked pulled pork is a BBQ dish you cannot miss out on. The heart of this dish lies in the simplicity of its ingredients and the art of preparation. 

All you need is a well-seasoned pork shoulder, a rich blend of spices, and some patience to let this stunning dish come to life. Now, there’s a reason why you are supposed to cook pork slowly; the connective tissues tend to break down, making the pork juicy and tender. And by adding some smoke, a zesty BBQ sauce, and a side of mashed potatoes (or a coleslaw) to the mix, you get a complete meal. 

  1. Barbecue Ribs 

What’s a barbecue without ribs? Nothing! In fact, barbecue ribs stand as a timeless BBQ dish, and there’s not a soul in this world that can say otherwise. It all begins with the carefully selected cut of ribs, typically baby back or spare ribs, each one a flavorful canvas awaiting transformation. The ribs are coated with a blend of spices that introduces layers of flavor into the meat. The real magic, however, comes from the meticulous low-and-slow cooking process. Then, as a final touch, you can pour a sticky and tangy barbecue sauce on top. 

  1. Cedar-Plank Salmon

This one’s for all the BBQ pitmasters out there! 

Cedar-plank salmon is a delicious and easy-to-make BBQ dish. It starts with a salmon fillet, which is marinated in olive oil, herbs, garlic, and lemon juice. The salmon is then placed on a cedar plank and grilled over low heat. The cedar plank infuses the salmon with a smoky flavor and helps to keep it moist. Cedar-plank salmon can be served with a variety of sides, such as rice, vegetables, or potatoes. 

Furthermore, if you want to wow your BBQ mates, serve this beautiful salmon with a drizzle of honey or a sauce made with the same flavorful herbs. 

  1. Grilled Vegetable Pizza

Grilled vegetable pizza is the perfect choice for your vegan friends or family who don’t want to feel left out because your BBQ has only meaty mains! This plant-based delight begins with fresh pizza dough, an excellent foundation for a variety of colorful and flavorful ingredients. The stars of the show are the vegetables, carefully selected and prepared to create a medley of tastes, textures, and vibrant hues. Depending on your choice, you can add slices of bell peppers, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, and zucchini – all coated in a nice mixture of garlic, herbs, and olive oil. Then, you can slather a plant-based tomato sauce, followed by a layer of melted cheese. With the smoky aroma developed through the grill, you’ll have a wonderful pizza to devour. And we are sure that your non-vegan guests will also be reaching out for this.

  1. Stuffed Bell Peppers

Stuffed bell peppers are a delicious and easy BBQ dish. Start by cutting the tops off bell peppers and removing the seeds. Then, mix together ground meat, rice, vegetables, and spices. Stuff the pepper halves with the mixture and top with cheese. Grill the peppers over medium heat until the peppers are tender and the cheese is melted.

  1. Grilled Pineapple Dessert 

A great BBQ meal deserves a sweet ending, and grilled pineapple is a fantastic choice. Simply slice fresh pineapple and grill it until it caramelizes and takes on a smoky, tropical flavor. You can serve it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, a drizzle of honey, or a sprinkle of cinnamon for a dessert that’s as refreshing as it is delicious.

Wrapping Up

Barbecuing is not just about cooking food; it’s about creating experiences, sharing delicious moments, and exploring the art of flavor. The six BBQ recipes we’ve explored in this blog showcase the range and versatility of outdoor cooking, from the smoky indulgence of pulled pork to the smashing touch of grilled pineapple sweetness. So, what are you waiting for? Send those invites out and start planning your next BBQ!

Scott is the editor-in-chief of Spice Market New York. He is also an author and publisher of his own craft.