Top 7 Best Outdoor Bars In Williamsburg

Top 7 Best Outdoor Bars In Williamsburg - a man serving 2 glasses of alcohol drinks next to two cocktails on a table

Williamsburg, New York City, serves as an intoxicating playground for those who have an affinity for creative cocktails and stunning skyline views. This vibrant neighborhood, teeming with personality, is home to a broad spectrum of outdoor bars that cater to eclectic tastes. From rooftop taverns to refreshing beer gardens, Williamsburg boasts an impressive lineup of casual to sophisticated watering holes that transform a regular evening into a memorable one.

The ‘Top 7 Best Outdoor Bars in Williamsburg’ are your guide to exploring the most coveted alfresco drinking spots in this dynamic neighborhood. Each spot exudes its unique character and charm, offering an immersive experience paired with an exquisite selection of drinks. Whether you’re looking for a laid-back vibe under the stars or a swanky rooftop experience, Williamsburg is the perfect backdrop for that gratifying cocktail hour.

Best Outdoor Bars In Williamsburg

1. Wythe Hotel

Wythe Hotel distinguishes itself with a chic and trendy rooftop bar that provides an unparalleled view of the Manhattan skyline. This destination combines an industrial-chic ambiance with luxurious comfort, making it an ideal spot for sipping on finely crafted cocktails and indulging in small, gourmet bites. It’s a magnet for both locals and tourists seeking a stylish night out in Brooklyn.

2. ElNico

ElNico is renowned for its expansive and inviting rooftop terrace that offers guests a serene ambiance and exceptional service. This rooftop gem is the perfect escape for those looking to unwind in a spacious setting, with its two distinct terraces that provide ample seating and options for reservations. ElNico sets the stage for memorable social gatherings under the sky, blending relaxation with sophisticated leisure.

3. Midnights

Midnights provides an intimate outdoor patio bar experience, set in a cozy and eclectic atmosphere. This neighborhood sanctuary is celebrated for its innovative craft cocktails and diverse, worldly menu. Known for its warm and inviting ambiance, Midnights hosts regular live music events, making it the perfect backdrop for a laid-back evening or a spirited night out with friends.

4. Union Pool

Union Pool presents a sprawling backyard patio experience, where a relaxed vibe meets the buzz of live entertainment. This beloved Brooklyn spot is known for its spacious outdoor setting, where friends can gather for drinks, music, and an array of live performances. The vibrant atmosphere and eclectic crowd make it a go-to destination for anyone looking to enjoy the quintessential Brooklyn night.

5. Westlight NYC

Westlight NYC is perched atop the 22nd floor of the William Vale Hotel, offering a chic and sophisticated rooftop bar environment. This venue boasts breathtaking panoramic views of the city skyline, complemented by upscale decor and a comprehensive cocktail menu. It provides a luxurious setting for an evening of elegance and enjoyment, making it a coveted spot for those seeking a high-end rooftop experience.

6. Berry Park

Berry Park stands out with its vast rooftop beer garden, where guests can enjoy expansive skyline views in a relaxed, casual atmosphere. This destination is a favorite for sports fans and beer aficionados alike, with its numerous TV screens and extensive selection of German-style brews. Whether you’re looking to catch the latest game or simply relax with friends, Berry Park offers the perfect laid-back setting.

7. Night of Joy

Night of Joy envelops guests in a charming rooftop patio atmosphere, illuminated by enchanting fairy lights and serving a selection of inventive cocktails. This cozy haven is an ideal retreat for those seeking a peaceful evening out, known for its warm, friendly service and relaxed vibe. It stands as a beacon of tranquility and joy, making it a beloved spot for laid-back conversations and delightful encounters.


To wrap it up, outdoor bars in Williamsburg offer more than just drinks; they provide an unforgettable experience. With stunning views, an array of fun activities, and unique atmospheres, they are settings offering supreme delight. Whether it’s a casual outing or a planned event, you’d be hard-pressed to find locations that pack as much charm and character as these top seven Williamsburg outdoor bars. In this vibrant cityscape, every visit becomes a moment to remember.

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