Fancy Italian Restaurants In NYC

Fancy Italian Restaurants In NYC
Fancy Italian Restaurants In NYC

Are you looking for the ebay fancy italian restaurants in NYC? You are at the right place. Today we are going to take a look at the top italian restaurants. Let’s check them out.

Bar Pitti

The Bar Pitti is a high-end restaurant that has been consistently packed since it opened in 1992. It’s known for its outdoor seating area, which spills onto the sidewalk along Sixth Avenue and makes many people stop to take photos of models, actors, rock stars, or socialites who are dining there. May be you won’t be able to afford their prices on your first visit as the guests there are famous people like the starts of “Sex & The City,” But if you’re looking for a fantastic experience at this New York institution, then come dine here where they’ll see a complete cross-section of downtown denizens while getting one great meal!

I Sodi

The dishes at I Sodi tantalize the tastebuds with every bite: from their famous artichoke lasagna to their delicious pappardelle al Limone, it is hard to pick a favorite. Plus, you’ll never find yourself surrounded by hordes of tourists here since this neighborhood institution has long been low on them!

Emilio’s Ballato

The charm of Emilio’s Ballato is easy to pinpoint. The small, warm space transports you back in time with its vintage photographs and album covers lining the walls, goregous chandeliers hanging from the ceiling – it’s like stepping into a mid-century New York speakeasy. It doesn’t matter if you want that classic Little Italy night out or just an intimate get-together; this place will make your evening great either way!


The restaurant is an elegant old-school Italian establishment that has become a popular spot for millennials looking to feel the New York vibe. The decor consists of lots of velvet curtains, vintage signed photos from celebrities and white table cloths adorned with votives and vases holding red flowers. It’s cheesy in all the best ways—a charmingly fusty time capsule that makes you want to stay forever!

Via Carota

Via Carota is an Italian restaurant based in New York City that features a warm, inviting atmosphere and plenty of wood. The exposed brick adds to the rustic charm while you feel comfortable wearing jeans or a T-shirt with celebrities at your table. Via Carote doesn’t take reservations which causes waits up to three hours during peak time, but it’s worth every minute! The menu is full of delicious creations from Rita Sodi and Jody Williams, who run Buvette in NYC and Paris. I Sodi a couple of blocks away, Bar Pisellino across the street. Even the relatively straightforward vegetable dishes are remarkable for their fresh simplicity.

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