Top 7 West Village Bars To Try In 2024

Welcome to the vibrant heart of New York City’s nightlife: the West Village. This historic neighborhood is not just a backdrop for countless movies and TV shows; it’s a living, breathing entity that offers some of the most eclectic and inviting bars in the city. The West Village caters to every taste and occasion, from cozy wine bars and lively sports pubs to cutting-edge cocktail havens and charming Irish establishments.

Whether you’re seeking a night of sophisticated sipping, a laid-back evening, or a dive into the local gay bar scene, this guide will introduce you to the top spots that define the unique character of this iconic area. Join us as we explore the best bars the West Village offers, complete with all the details you need for a memorable night out.

Best Bars in West Village, New York

1. Little Branch

Little Branch, nestled in the West Village, is known for pioneering the speakeasy scene in New York. This underground bar offers an intimate setting perfect for dates or small groups, complete with live jazz on occasion.

Little Branch

2. Katana Kitten

Katana Kitten is a bi-level bar offering a mix of Japanese and American influences, from its interior design featuring Japanese movie posters to its unique cocktail offerings. The bar, located in the West Village, is known for its vibrant atmosphere and creative drinks, including Japanese whisky and sake boilermakers. The food menu includes bar favorites with a Japanese twist, making it a perfect spot for both drinking and eating.

Katana Kitten
  • Address: 531 Hudson St, New York, NY 10014
  • Phone: Not directly provided, but you can find contact details on their official website.
  • Website: Katana Kitten
  • Unique Features: A mix of Japanese and American bar culture, creative cocktails.
  • Best Seller or Highlights: Unique cocktails like the Gatorade-blue Calpico Swizzle and food items such as sticky soy garlic wings

3. The Spaniard

The Spaniard, situated in the bustling West Village, is a bar known for its extensive whiskey collection and cocktail offerings. Although it has a few TVs for major sporting events, its vibe leans more towards that of a cocktail bar with better-than-average bar food, although on the pricier side. The space, featuring a large horseshoe bar and booths, is typically vibrant, making it an excellent choice for day drinking or after-dinner drinks in groups.

The Spaniard
  • Address: 190 W 4th St, New York, NY 10014
  • Phone: +1-212-918-1986
  • Website: The Spaniard
  • Unique Features: Known for its whiskey selection and spacious, multi-room setting that doesn’t get too loud or dark.
  • Best Seller or Highlights: Elevated bar food like buffalo wings with duck and a ribeye with housemade steak sauce, though it’s recommended to focus more on the drinks than a full meal due to the bustling atmosphere

4. Bar Pisellino

Bar Pisellino stands as an emblem of Italian bar culture in the West Village, created by the renowned chefs behind Via Carota. This spot serves as a perfect escape for those facing long waits at Via Carota, offering an authentic piece of Italy in NYC. It’s an Italian bar and cafe that provides a delightful array of Italian snacks and drinks, ideal for day drinking or a light evening refreshment. The interior echoes an Italian train station from the ’40s, while the menu offers a selection of small, Italian bites suitable for a light meal​​​​.

  • Address: 52 Grove St, New York, NY 10014
  • Website: Bar Pisellino
  • Unique Features: Offers a genuine Italian bar experience right in NYC with a focus on aperitivi and Italian cocktails.
  • Best Seller or Highlights: While primarily known for their beverages, they also offer a range of Italian snacks like arancini, making it a perfect spot for drinks and a light bite. The space is celebrated for its sidewalk seating and picturesque interior, providing an immersive experience into the Italian café culture, with options ranging from morning coffee and pastries to evening aperitifs and cocktails.

5. The Happiest Hour

The Happiest Hour in the West Village is a cocktail bar that emphasizes fun and relaxation, with a setting reminiscent of a retro tiki lounge. Known for its lively atmosphere, it offers a unique blend of mid-century charm and modern cocktail culture. It’s particularly noted for its high-quality burgers and diverse drink options, perfect for casual outings, late-night eats, or just unwinding with friends​​​​.

The Happiest Hour
  • Address: 121 W 10th St, New York, NY 10011
  • Phone: +1-212-243-2827
  • Website: The Happiest Hour
  • Unique Features: The establishment channels a ’50s and ’60s vibe, complete with a ‘tiki bar at the beach’ ambiance, offering a retro yet stylish backdrop for social gatherings​​.
  • Best Seller or Highlights: The Happiest Hour is renowned for its delectable double-patty burgers loaded with all the classic fixings and their crispy, thin fries. In addition to the food, the bar serves a range of cocktails, from traditional classics to inventive new creations, ensuring there’s something for every palate. The Link Ray, featuring house-made celery pop and lime, is among the notable drinks that can be customized with your choice of spirit.

6. Anfora

Anfora is a chic wine bar in the West Village focusing on natural and organic wines. It offers a cozy atmosphere with an extensive wine list paired with delicious small plates. The bar emphasizes a sustainable approach, supporting small-scale winemakers and offering a unique wine-drinking experience.

  • Address: 34 8th Ave, New York, NY 10014
  • Phone: +1-212-518-2722
  • Website: Anfora
  • Unique Features: Emphasis on natural wines and a sustainable approach.
  • Best Seller or Highlights: Small plates such as ricotta crostini and a selection of curated natural wines​​.

7. The Otheroom

The Otheroom is a serene and intimate bar located in the heart of the West Village, offering a selection of fine wines, beers, and bespoke cocktails. The ambiance is perfect for those seeking a quiet retreat or a romantic evening, with its dim lighting and comfortable seating. It stands out as a place for relaxation and conversation.

The Otheroom
  • Address: 143 Perry St, New York, NY 10014
  • Phone: +1-212-645-9758
  • Website: The Otheroom
  • Unique Features: Candlelit ambiance and quiet setting.
  • Best Seller or Highlights: Selection of fine wines and handcrafted cocktails​​.


Whether you prefer a cozy speakeasy, a vibrant cocktail bar, or a place with historical significance, there’s something for everyone. To discover your next favorite spot and experience the diverse nightlife of the West Village, visit the article and explore our other recommendations.

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