What Is New York Style Chinese Food?

What Is New York Style Chinese Food

New York Style Chinese food is a style of cooking that originated in New York City. It typically includes ingredients like sweet and sour sauce, garlic cloves, or slivered red onions on top for garnish with an oil-based dish called “ginger water” which has tomatoes simmered into its base before adding rice vinegar then sugar to taste using beef broth as well other seasonings such spices often found around the world but not always together due them being specific types usually cooked specifically used by Chinese people from areas close enough they share similar tastes.

When people in the US think of Chinese food, they often want to have a dish that is both sweet and sour. The American version of this kind of cuisine tends to be more on the sugary side while traditional dishes from other countries will typically have stronger savory flavors with less added sugar or any ingredients at all for that matter.

Authentic Chinese food is not just fried wontons and egg rolls. Authentic means the real deal, it’s more than that! A lot of Westernized versions use different ingredients like carrots or sesame seeds which give them a sweet taste making them very unhealthy for your body in general if you’re trying to lose weight as well as make these foods less appetizing because there are no spices used so they feel bland compared with something spicy hot tasting on top (as most Asians would want).

It can be difficult to find good authentic cuisine when traveling but luckily we have compiled some great spots where this type of eating will provide anything from cheap prices to downright delicious flavors. 

Traditional Chinese food has a lot of different flavors and textures to it, but what sets the dish apart from Americanized-style dishes are the ingredients. For example, in traditional Chinese cuisine, we find meat with bones like chicken feet or pig’s blood mixed into our meal which can be found on your table at any time during dinner service along with other delicious items such as duck necks/heads for those who love their pork cooked this way! And if you’re feeling adventurous there will always be fish served up fresh outta’ water too – boiled river trout (suan cai), steamed+boiled.

A delicious, mouthwatering dish called New York Style Chinese food originates from the Big Apple. It’s not just about what you eat through the city that birthed this style has many other fascinating things to offer too.

Scott Hamlin
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