Top 7 Golfing Apps for iPhone and Android Users

Top 7 Golfing Apps for iPhone and Android Users
Top 7 Golfing Apps for iPhone and Android Users

In this article, I’m going to be talking about the seven best golf apps of 2021 for both iPhone and Android. What we look for when we test them all out?

We test out different apps and rated each of the following based on how they actually performed, how the user experience wasn’t also the price, whether it was free, the upgraded versions, whatnot. 

And then we try to find some that were free, some are paid, and some that offer different kinds of features as well. Not just a GPS, but other useful things as well. 

7 Golfing Apps for iPhone and Android


This is the best app, if you need to find out kind of rule changes and whatnot along the course, you probably have that one buddy who actually throws on tour and have, you know, to follow every single rule out there, if you do one little thing wrong, 30 get super mad and upset and you know, all that kind of stuff, you’re gonna blow up, and you kind of need to be prepared for that just be able to make sure your round goes smoothly, it is pretty good because it’s easy to navigate to pretty much any rule out there. And it also comes with video explanations as well as text. So it is pretty cool. And it is free on both iOS and Android. 

Pros: It’s incredibly easy to pull out your phone and check a roll. It’s easy to understand for everyone, it has video and text explanations.

Cons: Some of the rules have to be open in a web browser. So they’re not really going to work if you don’t have an internet connection. That was pretty much the only main downside to it. 


This is a pretty cool app. If you’re looking to record your swing and get some feedback on how to make it better. The free app does record your swing, it makes videos where you can edit it, that kind of thing you can draw in the shot shape has a scorecard. It also has a smart coach training system, which is pretty cool. If you do have an Apple Watch, you can get real-time swing metrics and whatnot. You can actually track your swing on the course and Rangers is pretty cool. 

Pros: You can draw the ball flight line on your videos, the video recording works much better than your normal phone camera does. And the training system is pretty helpful on it. So it’s going to give you different training based on whatever your goal is. If you want to stop slicing, stop hooking make better content, that kind of thing. 

Cons: you have to pay extra for a watch or a sensor so you get all of these swing tracking features. But just the free app is pretty good and has some it has some pretty neat features to it. And then it doesn’t come with a GPS feature. So as the one major downside to it. 

Golf Pad

This is another great golf app that tracks your shots. It can be used as a scorecard and is going to give you the distance to pretty much anywhere on the course. My favorite feature is that it’s going to track your club distances, and it’s going to recommend which club to hit. Maybe it’s like a soft approach wedge for example, which is kind of cool. And then you can also review your round after to see where each of your shots when. You can see distances, what clubs use where you’re calling Miss, or all that kind of stuff, which is pretty cool. 

Pro: It tracks of putts fairways and regulation and other stats, you can watch your progress over time and see how you’re improving or not improving. 

Cons: They only have the club’s selection feature on the Apple Watch the yardage for tracking your shots, it’s off by about like six or seven yards on average. But it is a free thing. So I really didn’t expect it to be much better. 

Golf Logix

This is a great one, if you do struggle on the greens, this could be the solution for you if that’s kind of the area you’re looking for. I prefer other apps for the GPS part. But this is actually going to show you another best place to hit the ball on the green. So when you are on your approach shot, it’s going to tell you were like the best shot of making a birdie whatever would be. And it’s going to tell you how the greens gonna break and also where to aim. 

You can also try it for free on your next two rounds, you can get pretty much all of the features on the next two rounds. If you want to upgrade, it’s about $10 per month, or you can just like watch a bunch of video ads to access the features. So it’s really not that expensive. If you want the extra features.

Pros: There is info on over 35,000 courses around the world, you can go to their site and check to make sure it’s gonna show you elevation changes on the green and where to aim as well. 

Cons: Most of the features are paid or there’s a watch a bunch of video ads. The GPS isn’t as good and user-friendly as some of the others. 

Golf Shot

This is one of the favorite golf apps because it’s both user-friendly and offers a lot of information. The free option is going to give you like distance to the front, middle, and back of the screen and it’s going to let

Your input, you have to do it manually, it was gonna let you input information, like distances, clubs, that kind of thing to keep track of all your shots, the paid option is pretty reasonable. So $39 per year, and it’s going to give you like distance to pretty much all targets on the course. And it’s going to give you club recommendations based on where you’re at, sort of track how far you hit each club. And then based on how far you are, it’s going to give you kind of club recommendations as some of the other ones do as well. 

Pros: There is a lot of basic features that you’d be looking for with the free plan, the app is clean and pretty easy to understand and use. And the paid option has a lot of tracking features and information in it that you can use to improve your game.

Cons: it can sometimes glitch and crash, or sometimes the years were pretty far off. It wasn’t always, but it did occasionally happen, you have to pay to access most of the good features. But again, it’s not really it’s not that expensive, really. 

GPS SwingU

It comes in a free version as well. That gives you the kind of more basic information that you kind of need on the course, the free app is going to give you the distance to the front, middle, and back of the screen as well as other hazards, and also has a scorecard. 

And then the paid version is about $4 per month. So again, super inexpensive, and it’s going to show you like real time wind speeds, elevation plays, like as a bunch of like club recommendations, and other things like that. So there are a lot of things in the paid plan. And again, it’s four bucks per month, which pretty much anyone can do if you want those kind of features. 

Pros: It’s super simple to set up and use the urges were closer and more consistent than most of the others. And it has every course that I generally go to was on it. 

Cons: It can sometimes have troubles locating me, that’s pretty much the case with most of these golf apps, the interface of the app can be a little bit clunky at times, but it is manageable. Sometimes you have to like you know, press a button, five, six times for it to actually work. Other than that, you know, was pretty good. 


It’s built the best, it’s not the easiest to learn how to use once you get the hang of it, it’s pretty good. And it does seem to be the most consistent when it comes to accuracy. The free version, it’s gonna give you distances to pretty much any point on the course, you can easily book tee times online through it. And then it also tracks like greens and fairways and regulation. the paid version is about five bucks per month. So again, really cheap, and it’s going to give you advanced GPS information like elevation, that kind of thing, it’s going to track your clubs. And there’s going to tell you what club to hit as more most of the other paid versions do. 

Pros: You can track your shots based on distance and shape with the free option. The free option has video training as well, which is there. They’re not they’re not like super good. Like they wouldn’t be like, you know, getting coaching or whatnot. But there they’re pretty good compared to other apps that are out there. Every course I normally go to was on it too. So that was a big plus.

Cons: you have to input a lot of things where some of the golf watches do that automatically. In most of the apps you have to do, you have to do it manually, which kind of sucks. But again, they are free, or they’re really inexpensive, where if you want it to be automatic, you’ll have to spend, you know, maybe a couple $100 on a golf watch. And then you have to navigate through a lot of fluff on the free version, like you know, it’s going to tell you to join premium is going to be like share this share that take a tour of the app and whatnot, all that kind of stuff. 

So there are pros, there are cons to each of the app. But overall, any of these are going to be pretty much any of them are going to be good. They’re all gonna be free to start and you can test them all for yourself. They’re going to be different for everybody. But pretty much you can’t really go wrong with any of the seven. 

Scott Hamlin
Scott is the editor-in-chief of Spice Market New York. He is also an author and publisher of his own craft.