Best Pizza In Astoria

Best Pizza In Astoria

We went to Astoria, Queens, and discovered Basil Brick Oven Pizza, an Italian eatery. We’ve heard good things about their pizza and the brick oven. Their pizza is often regarded as outstanding. What about the rest of the menu, though? As a result, this is what we chose to order this.

The Atmosphere

Basil Brick Oven Pizza is located near the Astoria Blvd. train station, making it convenient and quick to get there. You’ll notice the brick oven immediately behind the counter as soon as you walk in. Tables are available in front of the restaurant and in the back, where we sat. The interior design was quite simple. The tables were dark wood, and the walls were bricks. There’s nothing special about it, but it’s really clean.

Our Meal at Basil Brick Oven Pizza

The menu of Basil Brick Oven Pizza is quite wide. We were first served delicious, warm bread with olive oil and minced olives. We decided to get a second serving because it was so good.

We chose the Ribeye Steak with sauteed broccoli rabe and potatoes and the Risotto Funghi. The ribeye steak was perfectly seasoned and grilled to our preferred degree. The meat’s natural flavors combine with garlic, salt, and pepper. 

The ribeye was well-complemented by the broccoli rabe and potatoes. The ribeye was also well-complemented by the broccoli rabe and potatoes. The Risotto Funghi is a low-cost dish with a lot of flavors. This entrée is accompanied by a creamy sauce that coats each risotto grain with garlic, basil, and truffle oil. Add parmesan cheese. 

Their cheesecake, which was baked perfectly and had a great texture, was our dessert choice for the evening.

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