Best Restaurants In Greenwich

Best Restaurants In Greenwich

Are you seeking Greenwich Village’s greatest restaurants? Then you’ve come to the perfect place – because I’ll show you the Village’s hippest and most genuine hangout spots. There are several eateries in New York’s Greenwich Village — there is certain to be something for everyone!

Because Greenwich Village is a residential neighborhood, you may anticipate a plethora of relaxing, nice, and romantic venues (the western part of Greenwich Village in the West Village, so you can also find them here in my best list). To quickly and simply determine which restaurant is closest to you, you may view an interactive map of all the Village’s restaurants in New York.

Carroll Place

Carroll Place on Bleecker Street is an innovative idea in that it is both a gastropub and a wine bar serving Italian-inspired cuisine. It’s one of our favorite brunch locations in New York. The environment is casual, the energy is consistently positive, and the cuisine is delectable!

Our favorites have been the truffle pizza and the Vongole pasta. The wood-fired pizza oven imparts a distinct flavor to the pizzas. By the way, the Carroll Place Burger with Gorgonzola is a must-try the next time. This one, too, appeared to be rather delectable!

Dante NYC

There is almost no getting around Dante NYC when it comes to the greatest Negroni in town. They are a New York institution, serving its Negroni cocktail since 1915 (it is an Italian restaurant with a tiny bar). It’s located on the corner of Greenwich Village, SoHo, and Hudson Square — a location we frequent while we’re in New York.

Villa Mosconi

If you’re seeking an authentically classic Italian restaurant, you must visit Villa Mosconi! This restaurant has been in operation for more than 40 years and is still owned and operated by the same family.

The Villa Mosconi restaurant serves traditional Italian cuisine in a charming setting that is family-friendly and pleasant. Whatever (homemade) pasta you order, it will undoubtedly be delectable. Another dish that stood out to us was the Veal Milanese. And the cherry on top? The pricing is quite affordable!

Villa Mosconi is one of the greatest Italian restaurants in New York City in my opinion since we were never disappointed during our trips!

Beatnic West Village

To be fair, the name is a little deceptive, as the Beatnic West Village is really located in Greenwich Village (discussions regarding areas and their precise boundaries are rather common in New York). Beatnic, on the other hand, is a very popular vegan restaurant located on Bleecker Street.

It’s ultra-stylish, exquisitely designed, and really delectable! And I say that as someone who adores anything related to steaks, burgers, and BBQ. Everything is produced fresh daily, and the menu has an array of salads, sandwiches, and burgers – all of which are vegan.

The beet ketchup and avocado pesto are particularly vibrant. My recommendation: have the guacamole burger and the mushroom salad with magic mushrooms. That alone is a reason to pay a visit!


New Yorkers like the restaurant, owing to its genuineness in particular. This restaurant’s Cuban music, Latin American décor, superb mojitos, and friendly Cuban staff make it a must-visit. The meal is without a doubt excellent. Everything is precise, and it tastes fantastic. Our recommendation: the Churrasco. With it, a glass of nice wine or sangria.

J.G. Melon

Time appears to have stood still here, as the tavern retains the glitz of bygone eras – and serves one of the greatest burgers in town.

Loring Place

In the heart of Greenwich Village, is American food. For those who like true American cuisine, this is a must-visit!

Manousheh Bleecker

Manousheh Bleecker is a Lebanese restaurant located on Bleecker Street in Greenwich Village (unsurprisingly). They are well-known for their delectable flatbreads, which may be eaten sweet or savory. The Flatbread with zaatar and sesame seeds and the Kafka with lamb and hummus are two of my favorites. Definitely try the bowls as well; they’re incredibly tasty, fresh, and visually appealing.

And if you’re craving something sweet, try the handmade flatbread with Nutella or Halawa (a sweet sesame paste)!

The restaurant is rather modest, with only a few seats. If you have to wait for a free seat, I can assure you that the wait will be worthwhile!

Max Brenner

If you’re a chocolate lover and a dessert connoisseur, Max Brenner in New York City is the place to go. The two-story café in Union Square serves everything from unique hot chocolate cocktails to elegant milkshakes, chocolate fondue, and waffles.

Minetta Tavern

The Minetta Tavern is a French-influenced fine dining establishment. These burgers are of the highest quality and are more akin to a steak in hamburger shape. They are made using only the finest dry-aged prime rib, a cut of beef that is generally served as a steak.


Rosemary’s is a tiny exquisite Italian restaurant located in the center of Greenwich Village, offering an exceptional menu. Whether you’re here for breakfast, lunch, or supper, you’re in for a treat. The culinary staff is skilled — the handmade pasta is out of this world (gluten-free on request). By the way, the fresh herbs originate from our rooftop herb garden.


If you’re seeking the tastiest tortas in the city, make your way to Greenwich Village’s Tortaria. Tortaria is a trendy Mexican sandwich cafe that specializes in homemade tortas and hand-pressed corn masa tortillas. The braised short rib torta is the greatest dish on the menu. The braised short rib is unbelievably delicious and complements the soft and real telera bread excellently.

Among their greatest tacos is a new menu item called the queso taco, which is constructed with a crispy queso shell. If you’re a fan of breakfast tacos, stop by Tortaria for brunch and get the huevos tacos with scrambled eggs, salsa ranchera, and piloncillo.

Urban Vegan Kitchen

You can get delectable vegan fare here, including sandwiches, waffles, and soups. Perfect for in-between hunger pangs.


YUCO is a white tablecloth restaurant in the Village that serves Yucatan-inspired cuisine with a modern touch. They are renowned for their avant-garde drinks that test the palate and include novel tastes. Try their ‘Columbidae Cocktail,’ which is made with Mezcal, Ancho Reyes, ginger, grapefruit, and smoked chile. ‘The Five Ages of Corn’ is also rather unique, with Abasolo Mexican Whisky, Nixta Licor de Elote, corn husk, corn ash, and baby corn.

These fantastic beverages really need to be accompanied by delectable cuisine, which YUCO does! Their seafood is widely regarded as some of the best in the city, and appetizers such as scallops with tomatillo sauce and fried octopus are must-orders.

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