New York Summer Events to Look Forward to in 2022

New York Summer Events to Look Forward to in 2021
New York Summer Events to Look Forward to in 2021

New York is the place to see and visit for some fascinating summer events. Although now altered to implement health safety SOPs, there are some events to look out for. With New York reopening and summer arriving, we have gathered reviews on some of the best summer events to look forward to in New York this year!


“One of the NY summer events that I am most looking forward to is the Banksy: Genius or Vandal? exhibition. It opens in August and features more than 100 genuine works from the iconic street artist. So, for any who is fascinated by the innovative and thought-provoking pieces that Banksy creates, you can check out this event and do a virtual reality tour that will help you better understand this popular, Bristol-born artist.”

Kelly Duhigg, Girl with the Passport

Beer, Bourbon, and BBQ Festival 

“The title of the event should be enough to make you go. The first BB&BBQ Festival I attended was by luck, stumbling across it as I was about to leave Manhattan after sleeping off a hangover from a long night out. I’ve been all around the country, and this stands up to some of the best BBQ I’ve been lucky enough to taste in places like St. Louis and NC.” 

Mike Gmerch, Faculty Loungers

Shakespeare In the Park

“One of the most popular activities in the summer is a series of free theater shows called Shakespeare in the park. Each year, the cast brings to the audience some of the most iconic shows free of charge. All of the pieces are played outside which adds to the unique experience.”

Torben Lønne, Diver, Co-Founder & Chief Editor,

Triangle Below Canal (TriBeCa) Film Festival

“Prepare yourself as you must go and witness this year’s Triangle Below Canal (TriBeCa) Film Festival as they celebrate their 20th anniversary. Experience being an audience in an open-air theater with large LED screens. More than 60 films will be featured in this event so grab your tickets now and be present this coming June 9-20.”

George Mouratidis, Marketing Professional at Stasher

New York International Children’s Festival & the Macy’s Flower Show

The New York International Children’s film festival turns into an all-family event with unique, engaging movies that are made outside the Hollywood system. While this year the event is taking place online, it still something different and new to look forward to.

“As someone who loves to travel, I always do some research for the upcoming events in a certain country that I want to visit. One of my favorite places to go to will be New York and this summer of 2022, there will be the New York International Children’s Festival to watch out for, as well as the Big East Tournament, and the Macy’s Flower Show. I always get excited with these events because there is always something new to watch out for every year.”

Martin Seeley, Chief Executive Officer at MattressNextDay

Summer events 2022 Schedule

“New York City is the state to see and do everything including some of the world’s most famous events. Also, they’re happening in 2022. Here’s the list and dates of summer events 2022.

TD Five Boro Bike Tour – The Five Boro Bike Tour is a yearly culture that attracts 32,000 cyclists of all generations and skills. Organizers have declared that the event will not be held in “May 2022 but are expecting to reschedule for the fall.

“NYCxDESIGN – New York City celebrates design year-round, creativity reigns during the yearly NYCxDESIGN. This event series will take place between 13 – 18 May.

“Summer On The Hudson – The celebration involves dance performances, wellness activities, concerts, movies, and kids’ shows. The Various dates on the riversides are 8th May, 29th May, and 10th June.

“National Puerto Rican Day Parade (Sunday, June 13, 2021) – In celebration of their community and culture, more than 80,000 Puerto Ricans parade on Fifth Avenue from 44th to 79th Streets in Manhattan.

“Macy’s Fourth Of July Fireworks ( 2, 3, and 4th of July) – Fireworks brighten up the skyline, and you can get it all in from any number of prime waterfront viewing places in the City.

Summer at Lincoln Center – Lincoln Center offers some yearly recurring programs, each with a bit of a different theme. Lincoln Center is on and they’re extending the availability till 28th May.”

Caroline Lee, Co-Founder CocoSign

Many of the spring events have also been moved to the summer, So you have plenty to look forward to in 2022! The Tribeca Film Festival, the Westminster Dog Show, the River to River fest, and of course who can forget the 4th of July fireworks. You can view the fireworks from a number of vantage points, you don’t have to join a crowd.

Scott Hamlin
Scott is the editor-in-chief of Spice Market New York. He is also an author and publisher of his own craft.