The 12 Best Bars In The Flatiron, New York

The 12 Best Bars In The Flatiron, New York

After a day of strolling Madison Square Park, do you need a beverage to cool you down? We’ve got you covered. From bars with games, beer dives, and cocktail beauties, Flatiron bars are not just great neighborhood spots, they’re also some of NYC’s best. There are several bars to choose from in New York’s Flatiron District, so you will certainly find something to suit your tastes.

Best Bars Flatiron

We have you covered whatever your needs are—catching up one-on-one, arranging a big group going-away party, or looking for a kind of crappy bar with cheap drinks. Check out the best list here.

1. The Chapel Bar At Fotografiska Museum

You will find the cocktail bar adjoining through an unmarked door in the lobby of this stunning new photography museum. This lounge has the same luxury as Stephen Starr’s Veronika restaurant. In contrast to most museums, you can carry drinks throughout the museum.

2. Undercote

In the same way, as most elitist things, Undercote is difficult to come by. For instance, reservations must be made via e-mail. Should you not receive a follow-up text, you should be aware that they did not book you. 

Underneath Korean steakhouse Cote, the T-shaped speakeasy has dark walls decorated with vertical gardens and surrounded by dim lighting. It feels like a reptile house inside, where one half expects to see an affixed placard explaining the origin of poison dart frogs.

3. Dear Irving

Exactly like a scene from Midnight in Paris: so much golden age nostalgia and space time-shifting. It features period-piece quarters divided into railroad spaces, a chic Gramercy lounge from Raines Law Room, and is operated by Alberto Benenati and Yves Jadot. It includes a tufted Victorian parlor and an ashtray-dotted hooch den worthy of Don Draper. You’ll lose track of time at this luxurious oasis when you spend an hour of your time here.

4. Raines Law Room

The lounge does not have a bar. There is a beautiful but semi-hidden back room where drinks are prepared, surrounded by every tool and gizmo a barkeep could ask for. Among the many cocktail options on its austere cocktail list are classics like the Manhattan and the Negroni, as well as other variations.

5. The NoMad Bar

There is no better name to describe the white-collared wayfarers who wander the streets north of Madison Square Park than NoMad. Surely, there has been an increase in upstanding restaurants in the neighborhood, but it’s still hard to find a gastropub that doesn’t smell like postgrad brewskies. This cocktail bar caters to the fine dining elite, and the prices reflect that.

6. Rose Bar

A stylish alternative to other popular cocktail bars, Rose Bar, is located inside Gramercy Park Hotel. The walls are adorned with modern artwork by artists such as Andy Warhol, Jean-Michel Basquiat, and Damien Hirst, while the solid walnut bar and hand-carved limestone fireplace give it a high-society vibe.

Additionally, Rose Bar hosts live music nights called Rose Bar Sessions, at which many well-known musicians have performed. Reservations are taken until 9 pm, but afterward, you will need an invitation.

7. Spin New York

A sprawling club with 15 Olympic-grade ping pong tables will certainly have you gripping a paddle. The co-owner Susan realized the same thing that we all did in college: table tennis and alcohol go surprisingly well together. 

Enjoy the wide variety of domestic and imported craft brews ($8–$12). On weekdays, walk-in rates for an hour of table time are $30 before 6 pm. On weekends and evenings, walk-in rates increase.

8. Il Fiorista

II Fiorista is more of a restaurant than a bar, but this place serves many elegant, floral-forward cocktails. It is located just a few short blocks from the Flower District, and offers drinks enhanced with blossoms and floral notes for an unforgettable experience.

9. SERRA By Birreria

You can enjoy breathtaking views of the Italian countryside in SERRA, giving you a feeling of being part of a local community. It creates an intimate atmosphere unlike most rooftop bars in New York, too, due to the floral decor. 

It is not just SERRA’s decorations that change with the seasons. Although every new menu is inspired by food and drink from the Italian countryside, you’ll find seasonal items that will satisfy your taste buds. 

10. Bourke Street Bakery

This Sydney bakery, filled with pastries and cakes, including lemon curd tarts, carrot cake, and sausage rolls, might not strike you as a bar. However, Bourke Street is renowned for its exceptional natural wine selection. The bakery offers happy hour from 4-7 pm on the weekdays, which offers $8 vino and bread with olives.

11. Bounce Sporting Club

Bounce Sporting Club is ideal for fans to watch March Madness in NYC. At the West 21st Street location, you will find 30 HD flatscreen televisions and a lounge area that spans 4,000 square feet. This spacious sports bar features innovative cocktails and pub food if you want to enjoy a large sports bar while watching the game. 

12. Rye House

The name implies that the focus is on American spirits at this sultry, dark bar. In addition to bourbons and ryes, there are gin, vodka, and rum, all of which are American-distilled. Despite the obvious focus on drinking, the food there is great, such as the fiery fried buffalo sweetbreads.

There is a wide variety of specialty bars listed here, all of which have different styles depending on the personality of the guest. People with a cool personality might like the Museum or the Rose Bar. Those who like sports should prefer a sports bar. A gregarious personality might like a modern bar decorated with various custom bar neon signs. But no matter what, you can find the bar you want to visit in New York.

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