The Best Hotels In SoHo NYC

The Best Hotels In SoHo NYC

Would you like to stay in a nice hotel in Soho during your next visit to New York? So which hotel would be the most pleasant to stay in? 

Find out which hotels are the best in Soho with our list! We have tested dozens of hotels in New York City over the years. Take a look at our list of places to stay in Soho and see if we have anything that suits your preferences. You’ll find what you want!

Soho’s Top Hotels

By comparing our best hotel list, you can easily look for the finest hotels in Soho, New York. At a glance, you can also determine whether it is a boutique hotel or a design hotel. Let’s take a look:

1. Arlo SoHo

In the middle of Soho, Hudson Square, and Tribeca, the Arlo is one of the coolest hotels you’ll find. This hotel is located in a great area, has a stylish interior, and has an awesome bar. Who wouldn’t like that?

2. Crosby Street Hotel

It would be fair to say that I think the designed hotel “Crosby Street Hotel ” stands out as one of New York’s most aesthetically pleasing hotels. As with “The Mercer,” this hotel is situated in trendy SoHo and is adjacent to the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA). There are a lot of restaurants, shops, and nightlife options in the area!

The 86 rooms and suites at this hotel are stylish and comfortable. There is plenty of space in the rooms, and they are bright and open. Designed by Kit Kemp, the interior – contrasts beautifully with the loft-style windows, which are very large and reach right down to the ground. Despite looking modern, everything has a warm feel to it. One of the absolute highlights of the design world! At Crosby Bar & Terrace, you can enjoy a wide variety of high-quality food at any time of the day – the cocktails are particularly popular.

3. Hotel Hugo

Marcello Pozzi designed Hotel Hugo in SoHo, which is a perfect combination of industrial aesthetics and artistic expression. Perfectly located in the trendy SoHo district, this hotel has exceptional service and wonderful accommodations. On the top floor, the rooftop lounge is one of the highlights. Loft-style rooms are available, as well as a delicious Italian restaurant at Hotel Hugo for when you’re hungry!

4. ModernHaus SoHo

Hotel ModernHaus, which was previously known as James Hotel, lies in the heart of SoHo, just a short distance from yet another famous hotel. As you’re located in SoHo, you’ll have easy access to some of the world’s finest shops.


The SIXTY SoHo is not just another 5-star hotel on this list; it’s an absolute gem. There is no doubt that the SIXTY is one of the most stylish hotels in the city. An overall feel-good atmosphere permeates the whole place. A stylish, luxurious loft-like atmosphere can be felt at times, with spectacular views of the city from many rooms. The perfect luxury hotel!

6. The Broome Hotel 

There are many things to love about this boutique hotel in Soho, New York: It’s small, stylish, exclusive, and aesthetically pleasing. There’s no better way to describe it than that. Interestingly, the building was constructed in 1825! – which is apparent in its radiating energy. The place has a very charming atmosphere.

7. The Dominick Hotel

Dominick Hotel holds the exclusive title of the only 5-star hotel in Soho and Hudson Square! Additionally, it is one of the tallest buildings in Soho, allowing you to see the city from atop it. I spent a few days here at the end of my travels across the USA in a camper. Even though the pool isn’t very big, it was one of my favorite places in summer!

8. The Mercer Hotel

There is no doubt that the Mercer Hotel is one of the most famous hotels loved by celebrities. In most cases, you’ll see paparazzi outside the entrance trying to catch a glimpse of the celebrity. The hotel is also right in the middle of SoHo, making it a perfect place to stay.

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