The Best Tattoo Shops In NYC

The Best Tattoo Shops In NYC

Many people come to New York City looking for memories they will treasure forever. One of the best ways to get those memories is to get a tattoo. There is no doubt that getting a tattoo in New York is quite a big deal. It is the kind of gift that will last for a lifetime. 

Obviously, you want to find the best tattoo shops in New York. Tattooing in New York was completely forbidden for many years. We advise doing plenty of research on the tattoo studio in New York City beforehand to determine whether it is right for you. Where are the best spots to get a tattoo in New York today? Here is our best list:

Bang Bang

One of the most famous studios in the city is Bang Bang in New York, which employs many talented artists worldwide. Keith ” Bang Bang ” McCurdy personally selects them to work for him in the city. There are two tattoo studios in New York City, one in Chinatown, and one in SoHo, with about 30 artists working to create the best tattoos in the city.

Our recommendation is Dez from Bang Bang. Currently, he’s one of New York’s hottest and top tattoo artists. Their social media presence is strong, with more than 2 million followers on their Instagram page.

Bang Bang tattoos have the advantage of having artists with unique styles. For instance, some artists only work on lettering, while others only do realistic tattoos. There are also artists who specialize in Sting portraits. At Bang Bang Tattoos, you are in good hands. It is one of the cleanest and most hygienic studios in NYC.

However, as far as price is concerned, it is also the most expensive. Prices vary according to the tattoo artist. In any case, Bang Bang will not work on your desired tattoo for less than $450 an hour. While their price point is high, you can be certain that their work is of the highest quality. 

Here, the best of the world work, which is also evident from the results. You may walk in anytime. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait 4-8 months for an appointment with a certain artist. Booking an appointment can be done directly on their website or via email. 

Daredevil Tattoo

Daredevil Tattoo is located right between Chinatown and Lower East Side. Founded in 1997, the Manhattan tattoo studio has been a New York tattoo scene staple ever since. The tattoo studio in New York City hosts a tattoo museum, which is free for visitors.

Furthermore, there are a variety of tattoo artists whose talents are just as varied as their tattoos. It costs around $200 an hour to get a Daredevil Tattoo. The tattoo shop is open to walk-ins. However, they recommend booking in advance. The Wait time for Daredevil tattoos is usually rather long.

East River Tattoo

The East River Tattoo studio was opened in 2000 by Duke Riley in Brooklyn’s hip Greenpoint neighborhood. East River Tattoo specializes in historical tattoos based on American history and maritime themes with an amazing team of six highly skilled tattoo artists. 

Visit the Instagram account to see more. There are more than 90,000 followers on their account, so you can get a good idea of what you can expect at this tattoo shop.

East River Tattoo is within the same price range as other tattoo studios in New York, ranging from $200 to $400 for standard-sized tattoos. It is really important that you understand their style and the style you desire.

If your proposed tattoo is not in line with the artist’s ideas, you will receive a polite and clear no. The studio welcomes walk-ins as well.

Fineline Tattoo

Former New York tattoo legend Mike Bakaty, who sadly passed away, was already tattooing in his Lower East Side loft upon his retirement from the art scene. In 1997, he was also one of the first tattoo artists to receive his license. Tattooing had been illegal in the city for 20 years. New York did not have any official tattoo studios from 1961 to 1997.

Mehai, his son, now tattoos on the Lower East Side with five other tattoo artists at his father’s shop. In keeping with the name Fineline Tattoo, his aesthetic emphasizes fine lines and engraved tattoos of the highest quality. 

The Fineline Tattoo Studio in New York City is one of the oldest tattoo shops in the city, and tattoos here cost between $100 and $160 an hour.

Kings Avenue Tattoo

Mike Rubendall founded Kings Avenue Tattoo on Long Island in 2005. Since then, this New York tattoo shop has become one of the top renowned and respected in New York City.  

In 2011, Mike Rubendall opened a branch in SoHo, and the team has continued to grow ever since. As in Bang Bang, tattoo artists from around the world come in to assist for a short time in the tattoo studio. 

In Manhattan, King’s Avenue Tattoo Studio is ideal for getting whatever tattoo you want. You aren’t bound to a particular style like East River Tattoo Studio. In Kings Avenue, a small tattoo costs between $400 and $500. However, walk-ins are much cheaper and can be done for $100.

Three Kings Tattoo

Three Kings Tattoo is probably one of the names you’ll see if you’re looking for a tattoo studio in New York. They have locations in the East Village, Long Island, Greenpoint, and even Los Angeles. Three Kings Tattoo is a great place to get meaningful tattoos of the highest quality.

Several of my friends got their tattoos at Three Kings in New York. Their prices are a little higher than other NY tattoo studios but well worth the extra expense. Three Kings offers detailed guidance and a really personal experience. Tattoo artists make their work unique and not based on templates.

Every tattoo is an individual work of art. Depending on the tattoo artist, you can expect to pay between $100 and $200 per hour. It’s good to make your appointment here far in advance since Three Kings is quite popular and often full.

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