Tips When Traveling to New York

Tips When Traveling to New York
Tips When Traveling to New York

Whether you’re traveling for business or leisure, New York can be a colorful experience. However, you don’t need to be overwhelmed by the Big Apple. Go ahead and explore the city; travel is all about trying new things. We have brought on the travel experts to help you get the most out of your trip with their best time-tested tips.

“New York City is everyone’s dream city. With its busy streets and eye-catching city lights, there is no doubt why it has become one of the most sought-after and well-known locations to visit. However, make sure that when traveling to New York, be reminded of these tips:  

Wear The Most Comfortable Footwear

“To enjoy New York more, make sure to have your favorite, most comfortable footwear with you. You’ll not be able to appreciate New York’s beauty if you don’t walk in its busy streets.”

Know The Dos And Don’ts In The Area

“Everyone is busy in New York, so blocking people’s way may irritate those busy people. If you want to take pictures, get an angle in an area that isn’t as busy as the main roads.”

Grant Draper, Owner of SkiSurfWake

Take the Subway

“I have two recommendations for making your trip to New York memorable, successful and a little more budget friendly. First, take the subway. You might be in the habit of renting a car or hopping into an uber, but that is rarely the best way to travel in NYC. Traffic can be insane and restaurants and tourist sites can be at opposite ends of the island. An uber will likely be expensive and take a long time to get to your destination. As for a rental car, you will pay a fortune for parking. On the other hand, the subway is inexpensive and often provides the most direct and fastest route. You also get to experience a different side of New York City – the people watching are fantastic.”

Check Museums’ Free Offers

“The second recommendation is to determine which museums offer free days to the public and which allow you to pay what you want. Museums can be expensive, especially with a family. However, lots of museums offer at least one day a month that is free or a discounted rate depending on how much you feel you can pay. This would be a tremendous saving and worth exploring.”

Nicole Hunter, travel blogger for Go Far Grow Close


“New York is a tourist attraction and this is what makes it expensive compared to other places. It’s better to survey the price of hotels and food as these are the most costly services while traveling to New York. A budget for a solo traveler for 7 days should be around $2,000 and for a couple, it should be around $3,500.”

Find Hotels in a Convenient Area 

“Grab the best hotel deals and also consider scanning the QR code to check the reviews and ratings of the place. It is essential to find a hotel that not only offers a good price but is also at a decent distance from all the places you would wander. Choosing low-cost hotels that are far from your itinerary list might end up costing you even more than a luxurious hotel. The additional taxi charges for a day can amount to around $500 during your trip.”

Joshua Francia, Project Manager and Travel and Surfboarding expert at Surf Hungry

Take the Ferry into the City

“Whether you’re a resident, a commuter, or a first-time tourist, one of the best tips when traveling to New York is to see the iconic NYC city skyline from the New York Harbor. If you’re a commuter or a tourist, I’d highly suggest trying the ferry into New York City. If you’re a commuter this is a great new way to experience the size and scale of New York’s steel giants, and if you’re a tourist there is no better way to be introduced to the iconic skyscrapers. Seeing the enormous steel and glass structures rise up and reach the sky as you glide by to your harbor is an incredible juxtaposition to the relatively calm and docile New York harbor. If you’re a resident or a tourist entering the city from the North, coming into NYC on a ferry might not be ideal, but you can get a similar experience by taking a ferry over to Governor’s Island. It is far less crowded than Ellis Island and has tons of green space where you can take in the NYC skyline from the water.”

Stephen Gary, Founder of Flashpacker Co, Travel Marketplace

“A trip into the Big Apple is always a pleasure, and New York City has a lot to offer. Whether you are traveling for work or leisure, New York City is a charmer and with these tips, you’ll get to know her more. 

Be Polite

“New York City is often stereotyped as a tough and mean place, this couldn’t be further from the truth. New Yorkers may have developed a tough exterior due to being constantly surrounded by people, but despite their gruffness, they are kind and helpful.”

Walk Quickly

“With its busy streets and even busier sidewalks, walking is the main mode of transportation for a majority of New Yorkers, which means they’re walking towards a destination. If you do have to slow down or stop to take a photo, admire a view or eat your ice cream, do it on an out of the way spot and stay out of everyone’s way.”

George Mouratidis, Marketing Professional at SIM Tourist

Finally, let’s round off with all the quick tips to keep in mind:

“Set up a Budget – New York City is one of the most expensive cities in the world, but it can also be surprisingly affordable if properly planned. Before you go, do some research to compile your own must-do and must-see list in order to begin pricing things out.

-Find a Hotel in a Convenient Location – Your trip will be much more enjoyable if you can stop by the hotel at any time to relax and change clothes. You’ll most likely be doing a lot of walking, so you’ll probably want to rest before going out for the night. 

-Try the Local Cuisine – NYC is worth visiting just for the food! You could eat at every restaurant in the city for a year and never have the same meal twice.

-Dress for the city – You’ll be doing A LOT of walking if you really want to explore and experience the city, which means you’ll probably want to wear sneakers over Manolo Blahniks.

-Understand that you cannot do everything – No matter how many times I visit New York City, I never seem to make a dent in my bucket list. There is simply so much to see and do! Narrow it down to the activities you can’t wait to do.”

Martin Seeley, Traveler and Chief Executive Officer at MattressNextDay

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