Why New York City Downtown Is Best

Why New York City Downtown Is Best

New York is the world’s leading metropolis for art, fashion, food, and theater. It doesn’t matter what you’re looking to do while visiting – New Yorkers have got it covered with endless possibilities. You might be thinking why New York City Downtown is best, let us tell you 5 reasons why a visit to NYC Downtown will be unforgettable:

Explore the richness of all five boroughs

New York is more than just Manhattan. Visitors who think New York city Downtown only offers the sights and activities of one borough are missing out on what Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, or the Bronx has to offer. Take your pick from excellent ethnic restaurants in Queens; explore Williamsburg, Greenpoint & Red Hook’sHook’s burgeoning neighborhoods; don’t forget a ride on the Ferry for an unparalleled view of Lower Manhattan before exploring Snug Harbor Museum, where you can see artifacts dating back 400 years ago!

Give your regards to Broadway.

The world’s most famous street, Broadway, cuts a 13-mile long diagonal path from Bowling Green on Manhattan’sManhattan’s southern tip to Inwood, where it crosses into the Bronx. There is no better way to pick up on NYC’sNYC’s variable vibe and change scenery than by walking 50 blocks of this historic section of Main Street America while you’re here. With 41 mainstream theaters clustered around Times Square, take in one or two shows before heading back home with some great stories about what life was like when people left their buildings and actually interacted face-to-face rather than through screens!

Stand in awe of the skyscrapers.

This is a great place to visit if you feel like being humbled. Manhattan’s skyline will make even the tallest buildings in your hometown look insignificant by comparison. The view of New York Downtown from the Empire State Building, completed in 1931, is not only awe-inspiring but also communicates a sense of how vast and expansive it really is when seen against its surroundings; on an exceptionally clear day, five states are visible from this observation deck!

Get your fill of international and experimental food.

New York is a foodie’s heaven. The city offers an estimated 60 international cuisines in its 23,000 restaurants, and chefs constantly innovate with their recipes. Stop by Dominique Ansel for the Cronut or visit Frankel’sFrankel’s Delicatessen if you’re craving Jewish foods like pastrami sandwiches or egg and cheese toasties that make it cool to be ethnic! Finish off your food experience at Katz’sKatz’s Deli on the Lower East Side, where traditional dishes rule supreme!

 Discover different neighborhoods

There are no two neighborhoods in New York City Downtown that have the same tone. Like Park Slope and Gowanus, some offer rows of expensive brownstones next to the light industry-turned art scene. Others might be dangerous as Hell’sHell’s Kitchen or Theater District. Still, all these different parts make up what makes NYC so beautiful – you can find anything from SoHo into Chinatown without ever having to leave a ten-block radius!

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