The Top New York Fashion Trends

The Top New York Fashion Trends

If one thing is certain, it’s that New York City is one of the fashion capitals of the world. As the home to New York Fashion Week as well as one of the most diverse global populations, it’s no wonder why the space is abundant in fashion-forward individuals. Fashion trends move rapidly, and if there’s a place that has the scoop before anywhere else, it’s New York City. The area is ahead in the fashion sphere, so if you’re looking for up-and-coming trends, look no further than the Big Apple. Detailed below are some of the latest New York fashion trends. 


As previously mentioned, fashion is constantly moving forward, and New York City moves faster than anyone else. As a result, NYC is already in the future with the metallic moment. From luxury cufflinks to shiny silver accessories, metallics are dominating the New York fashion scene. Kendall Jenner is one celeb who adores the metallic look, and she often molds her entire outfit around such, perfectly matching her dress to her accessories. It’s an incredibly simple color and pattern palette, yet its effectiveness of it can’t be denied, creating a simultaneously classic and futuristic style. 


We all know that fashion swings in roundabouts, which is why ‘50s fashion is back in the form of super-cinched waists and classic houndstooth blazers. This creates an undeniably feminine silhouette, allowing for the creation of a truly classic appearance. Midi skirts are essential for the 1950s glamour look, whether they’re pencil or flared, creating the perfect autumn look. In spite of channeling 1950s vibes, it’s important to add a modern twist, which you can achieve via accessories such as a cute little bag. Fashion is all about taking what has already been and turning it into something new. 


Once upon a time, sporty attire was reserved for polar opposite purposes – working out or lounging around. Since then, sporty fashion has made its way into all manner of environments, from swanky cocktail bars to the red carpet. “Athluxury” is one of the latest styles, wherein the wearer sports a tank top and sweatpants but looks good doing it. This is most often achieved through the sporting of luxury brands that exude extravagance while the wearer maintains comfort. Despite this, it can also be achieved by pairing sportswear with leather bags or boots. 


Despite being big in the ‘60s, the popularity of boho fashion has come and gone as the years have progressed. Today, it’s safe to say that boho is back in style with a modern spin. Woven bags, patchwork patterns, and cowboy boots are being worn by women throughout the Big Apple, allowing them to boast effortless glamour. Today, comfort and fashion are intended to go hand in hand, and boho fashion lends itself perfectly well to this. As a result, the boho style is fast becoming one of the most sought-after looks this Autumn. 


Last but not least is the classics that will last forever – they’re called classics for a reason. Timeless garments like midi skirts and cashmere sweaters will always have a place in the fashion sphere, meaning you should always have these items on hand. Similarly, you can never go wrong with a black leather bag. Prada is our favorite, but there are also many more affordable brands out there for you to get the look. When achieving classic looks, neutral colors are the way forward, as they can be paired with anything and everything. Sometimes, simplicity is the way forward, and it doesn’t have to be boring. 

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