Hinomaru Ramen Astoria

Hinomaru Ramen Astoria

There is a fantastic little restaurant in Astoria, Queens, named Hinomaru. You can find it tucked away. Because it is so well-known for its ramen (Shio, Shoyu, Tonkotsu Miso Hinomaru), it receives a steady stream of customers throughout the day who are eager to satisfy their craving for ramen. 

The restaurant has been awarded a Michelin Star, which is a certification that is extremely difficult to earn and is regarded as one of the most prestigious ratings that can be earned.

The disposition of those present at Hinomaru

The Hinomaru might be found in a completely unexpected spot. It is really surprising to uncover this hidden gem so close by, given that it is encircled by eateries serving Mediterranean cuisine. Near Broadway, the station is where you will find the majority of the neighborhood’s Japanese dining options. 

You’ll notice the hardwood flooring as soon as you walk in, which contributes to the space’s attractive appearance. In addition to it, there is a bar that looks directly into the open kitchen. Another thing that will strike your attention is the incredible smell of ramen soup.

Our Meal

We ordered their famed Hinomaru ramen prepared in the New York style for our meal, as well as their vegetarian ramen. The previous dish was the one that brought them recognition. The dish consists of fish cake, bean sprouts, scallions, nori, and creamy pork broth along with a variety of vegetables, a fireball (responsible for the dish’s fiery flavor), and scallions.

If you don’t eat meat, you should definitely give their vegetarian ramen a shot. It includes bean sprouts, Chinese broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, corn, ginger, mushrooms, and scallions, in addition to its excellent vegetable broth.

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