Seafood Restaurants In Queens New York

Seafood Restaurants In Queens New York

Are you visiting Queens New York for the very first time? Or you are living, right at the heart of Queens? The seafood menu is no doubt an attraction, you would definitely not want to miss a taste of it.  Let’s take a look at the best seafood restaurants in Queens New York:


Stop by this well-lit seafood restaurant for some fresh and delicious food! The sparkling furniture, the room’s lighting, and music all synchronize to provide a cozy atmosphere. They have a broad range of menu with everything from soup to salad or fried clam strips on ice. This is one Egyptian restaurant you’ll want to visit before leaving town!


The restaurant’s seafood menu is the best in all of Cairo. They offer some spicy whole tilapia, lime-roasted salmon, and much more! Check out their online ordering, too, for a convenient way to get your favorite dish delivered to you without having to leave home or the office.


Are you looking for a fresh take on seafood? Visit Taverna Kyclades, the perfect restaurant. The lively building serves high-quality Greek seafood while being affordable and providing good customer service. If grilled or fried is your locals’ favorite, then this place will not disappoint! Vegetarians can also enjoy their special selection of dishes that are made just for them.


With the incredible seafood selections and fantastic service, you’ll find yourself going back more often. This restaurant is highly rated in Queens for its oyster recipes with delicious crabs cooked at the spot on your order. Whether it’s crispy bread or cheese that tempts you first thing in the morning or a delicious breakfast sandwich oozing with egg and crabmeat-the crab will seduce!


You know you get what you pay for, but this place is an exception to the rule. They have a stationary boat converted into restaurant seating and serve beer-battered fish with minimal salt, not greasy, and just right crispy outside skin! The taste of it was perfect, too – highly voted by patrons as a recommended dish.


Good food starts from the basics like utensils, environment,, and recipes. At South Bay Wild in Bodega Bay, seafood is prepared with an artful touch that will never disappoint! From crab cakes to clam chowder or calamari – try something new tonight for a taste of pure serenity. With excellent wine service as well.

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