What Tea Is Served In Chinese Restaurants

What Tea Is Served In Chinese Restaurants

The Tea served at a variety of Chinese restaurants is almost as good a reason to go as the food itself—sometimes it can really hit the spot. While mild, fragrant Chinese Tea is varied and diverse like French wine or German beer, few common types can recreate delicate beverages at home. Anyhow today we are going to discuss what tea is served in Chinese restaurants. Let’s take a look at them:

Oolong Tea

Oolong tea or wu long is a partially oxidized type of Chinese Tea. It’s aromatic and only has hints of bitterness, with the well-known variety “tieguanyin” having fruity floral flavors that are popular among many customers worldwide.

Green Tea

Brewed at a lower temperature than black tea, green tea has an elegant flavor that sometimes tastes like grass. Green teas are easy to recognize by their distinctive light-green color, ranging from pale yellow-green to vibrant and refreshingly sharp.

Jasmine Tea

The aroma of jasmine tea is achieved by adding the delicate blossoms to dry leaves and letting them steep. Jasmine can be made out of any leaf, but green or oolong are most common

– their subtle flavors are a perfect compliment for this floral delight.

Pu-Erh Tea

Pu-erh is a type of tea that originated in China’s Yunnan province. It has an earthy taste and dark red color. Pu-erh was so good it became too expensive to serve at local dim sum restaurants, but you can still find Pu-Erhs there occasionally for more than $10 per cup!

Blended Teas

For those who don’t want to go out and get a pot of Tea for their Chinese takeout, packaged “Chinese restaurant teas” can be purchased. These typically contain blended teas- mixtures of oolong with green or Pu-Erh mixed in with chrysanthemum.


What kind of Tea is most popular in China?

Green Tea is the oldest and most common kind of Chinese Tea that has been enjoyed for several thousand years. Green Tea comes with young buds from the plant; then, they are dried to make them into the type of Tea desired.

What drinks do Chinese restaurants serve?

A great way to enjoy tea without the caffeine, blended teas are a mix of black & green or green and oolong. These varieties range from jasmine flower tea to white Pu-Erh!

Why do the Chinese drink hot water?

The most important element of Chinese medicine balance and hot water intake can help achieve this goal. Hot or warm water will not only detoxify your body but also promotes blood circulation.

Why do Chinese restaurants serve Tea?

The Tea in restaurants can be lacking quality, but they are mainly used to complement a meal. Regardless of the flavor, all teas have an astringent taste and help with digestion by clearing your palate from food flavors. This also helps you feel fuller before indulging in dessert!

What is a traditional Chinese drink?

Baijiu is the traditional Chinese alcohol and a daily drink for many. It’s made from grain sorghum after cooking, fermenting, and distilling it in a series of processes that make this an alcoholic beverage worth exploring!

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