5 Tips To Reclaim Your Fitness Levels In The New Normal

5 Tips To Reclaim Your Fitness Levels In The New Normal

Achieving fitness in the new normal can be more challenging than you imagine. You will probably feel apprehensive about joining a gym or exercise class because the fear of the virus prevails. Despite vaccines and tighter controls, no one can be sure about another wave or a new strain. The road could be long now that you may have to start from scratch after a long pandemic break. Undoubtedly, you will have to invest extra effort to reclaim your fitness levels. Here are some actionable tips you can try to get back on track.

Redefine realistic goals

The best start you can make is by redefining realistic goals according to the current situation. Your fitness levels may be lower than ever, or you may only have to maintain if you are already in shape. Rework your goals and divide them into smaller milestones and timelines. It will be easier to design a new plan and stick with it if you have clear expectations again. 

Devise a plan around your favorites

When it comes to reclaiming fitness, you need to go the extra mile with adherence. You have better chances of sticking with the plan if you devise it around your favorite forms of workout. Opt for daily runs if you are an outdoor buff, or join a dance class if you love music and dance. You can mix up different exercise options to create a holistic plan that keeps you going.

Get a motivation boost with cannabis

It is easy to lose motivation when you restart with your regular regimen. Thankfully, cannabis can keep you inspired. Pick a CBD-dominant variant to get an energy boost, deal with muscle soreness, and speed up workout recovery. Smoking works the best because it delivers an instant kick. You can buy cheap bongs under $50 to fit into your post-pandemic budget. But remember not to skimp on the quality of cannabis products if you want the best outcomes. 

Find a workout buddy

A workout buddy can also help you with keeping your motivation on track. You can probably find a neighbor, friend, or colleague who will be interested in becoming your fitness buddy. Alternatively, let your partner be an in-house choice. A workout partner gives you healthy competition and inspires you to turn up for exercise day after day. Surprisingly, you can expect results sooner rather than later when having someone to compete with.

Stay in touch with your doctor

Whether you restart your fitness initiative yourself or consult a trainer, you must stay connected with your doctor. You may have developed a health complication after getting infected with COVID. Even if you are perfectly healthy, a check-up will help you understand your current risk factors. Discuss the diagnosis and challenges with your trainer and find a perfect plan that addresses your current needs. At the very least you should always visit a physician and a dental expert like this dentist in Oakland.

Reclaiming your health and fitness in the new normal should be your top priority. It may take some effort to achieve the desired fitness levels again, but you can manage it with a personalized approach. 

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