8 Steps to Run a Successful Email Marketing Campaign for Your Fitness Studio

8 Steps to Run a Successful Email Marketing Campaign for Your Fitness Studio

Running a fitness studio and bringing people through the doors every day can be time-consuming and quite tough. But email marketing can help you get more patrons than ever before, plus remind people to pick up the weights once again if they spend a few weeks away from the bench press rack.

Not sure how to use email marketing to your fitness studio’s advantage? Let’s break down how to run an email marketing campaign for your fitness studio in detail.

Gather Email Addresses

First, you need to gather the email addresses of your fitness studio’s patrons. There are a few different ways you can do this:

  • First, you can simply collect email addresses from people who sign up for your fitness studio with a monthly membership
  • Alternatively, you can inspire people to offer their email addresses in exchange for joining an advanced membership program (with perks such as discounts for snacks, etc.)

Use email marketing software to collect the email addresses and form a catalog of them. You’ll need this info as your email marketing campaign progresses.

Send Initial Welcome Emails

Your first batch of marketing emails should welcome new fitness studio members to the fold. These should include:

  • The benefits they can expect now that they’ve joined your fitness studio
  • How to get in contact with you if needed
  • All the exciting content coming up from your email marketing campaign

Your welcome emails, as with all other emails you produce, need to have excellent graphics and fitness posters. Use tools like PosterMyWall to create good fitness posters and layouts for your marketing emails. They should feature high-quality photos of people working out and having a great time.

Start with Regular Offers/Reminders

As your email marketing campaign progresses, send regular special offers and reminders to your fitness studio members. Special offers can be as little as five dollars off the next month’s membership fee to a free month of membership if a current member invites a new member to the studio and they sign up within 30 days.

Furthermore, you can send reminder emails to individuals who have let their memberships expire. From time to time, fitness studio members may simply forget to renew their memberships. Reminder emails can be a great means to bring people back to your fitness studio if they still want to get fit.

Send Workout Tips and Tricks Emails

Current fitness studio members should receive marketing emails with materials they can use and benefit from, like workout tips and tricks. These can be:

  • Tutorials on how to do certain exercises
  • The best foods to maximize workout gains
  • Ways to minimize workout injuries or soreness
  • And more

The point of these marketing emails is to improve your brand authority and establish your fitness studio as the best choice for ongoing fitness maintenance and muscle growth. By sending these emails, your audience will see the value of sticking with you instead of going to a competitor.

Continue to Collect Data

Throughout your email marketing campaign, collect data so you can make future marketing emails even more effective. You should collect the following data points with your email marketing software:

  • What emails tend to be opened most often
  • What your email open rate is overall
  • The demographics of your email marketing audience in terms of age, sex, etc.

By collecting this data, you can then tailor future email messages to your target audience and send more of the most successful emails.

Use Personalization for Marketing Emails

As your audience grows and as you establish relationships with your fitness studio members, start to personalize the emails you send out to them. For example, include fitness studio members’ names in the subject lines of marketing emails.

Not only is this a great way to get a member’s attention, but it also helps ensure that your marketing emails won’t be immediately discarded when they reach your members’ inboxes.

Send Renewal Emails

As touched on earlier, continually send renewal emails to people who have let their gym memberships expire. Create your emails for these people with incentives for them to rejoin your fitness studio, like offering the first month totally free or at a significant discount.

Renewal emails should be positive, engaging, and not begging. Be sure to include highlights of the benefits and unique advantages of your fitness studio, like your amenities, workout facilities, or low prices to make renewal seem like the best option to an email reader.

Wrap Up

As you can see, there’s a lot to go into a successful email marketing campaign for a fitness studio. But if you follow the above tips, you’ll be well on your way to seeing a much better email open rate and much more market engagement among your target audience members. Another way to stay up to date with Marketing is to attend conferences in your industry. Often you can learn tricks from online marketing speakers at the conference and then use them in your company. Good luck!

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