Best Happy Hour Spots in New York City

Best Happy Hour Spots in New York City

Hello guys! If you’re looking for booze around New York City, we did some research and after spending some nights around the city, we have narrowed down five great spots where you can receive the best value for your every penny. Now let’s go get some booze!

1. BoxCar Lounge

Our journey starts on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, where bars are flowing, and bad choices are widespread. Head over to Avenue B between 10th and 11th streets. That’s where you can find the Boxcar Lounge, which is considered one of the best happy hour spots in all of the city. With drink specials every night, it’s obvious why it’s a winner. From Monday to Thursday, happy hour kicks off at six with two-for-one specials that wrap up at 10. You could get this same deal on Friday, four to eight, and all weekend, two to eight. Boxcar Lounge has a laid-back vibe and outdoor garden. You come for the booze and stay for the ambiance. 

2. Continental

Now let’s travel a few streets west to Third Avenue. That’s where you’ll find Continental, a bar located in between Ninth Street and St Mark’s. This joint not only offers up wild deals during happy hour, which includes half-priced drinks between four and eight but all day and all night. Five shots of anything will cost you only 10 bucks!

3. La Linea

Now we head over to First Avenue, where the party meets style. If you’re looking for good music and a relaxed atmosphere, then La Linea is your way to go. This chic Lower East Side social space offers up not only the classic two-for-one special every night before 9 pm but also a DJ spinning everything from old school to the new vibes. And whether you start early or end late, happy hour here starts up again after midnight and continues until doors close. 

4. Crocodile Lounge

Now onward to East 14th Street to a famous place where no crocodiles are allowed despite its name. The crocodile lounge between first and second Avenue not only takes on a happy hour with the 4-dollar tropical cocktails but all day and all

night promo- buy any drink, and you get a free pizza. It doesn’t get any better than that. 

5. The Stumble Inn

Head north on Second Avenue, where we’ll move on up to the Upper East Side. We’re going to the Stumble Inn, located on Second Avenue 76th Street, where happy hour starts before noon, and the charm of delight happens every night. Whether it’s Monday dollar draft or Tuesdays for dollar, you call it, patrons will lock in a deal regardless of what night they stumble on it. And we didn’t even mention the half-price bar specials that kick off before noon and last until 7 pm Monday through Saturday. It won’t come as any wonder if you find yourself stumbling out by the end of the night. 

6. Eavesdrop

This newly opened bar and low-key music venue in Greenpoint celebrates the sense of sound—and is specially designed to provide guests with a dope audible experience via elements like custom-built speakers and acoustic treatments on the walls- in addition to craft cocktails, natural wine, beers, and ciders. Eavesdrop is divided into two main minimalist rooms totaling 1,000 square feet, one with a 36-seat bar and the other with a DJ booth at the back. Visitors can enjoy weekday programming from artists and tastemakers, as well as performances ranging from deep house to jazz on weekend nights while sipping on unique drinks like the Finale (gin, lavender, cherry, herbal liqueur, citrus) from beverage director Max Dowaliby’s menu.

So get on your feet and get your outfit ready, head on the big apple, and party like crazy! Let’s get drunk!  

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