6 Things To Do With Friends When You’re Bored

6 Things To Do With Friends When You're Bored

Are you sick of doing the same things with your friends all of the time? Do you want to try something new but are stuck on ideas? Here’s a list of fun activities to do with friends, whether you want to remain in or go outside. 

Create a spa experience

Make it feel like you’re at a spa. It might be as easy as putting your feet up and putting on a face mask, or it can be as complicated as foot soaks, massage trains, and hair masks.

Construct your own food show

Pretend you’re a cookery show presenter with a star guest by setting up a camera or phone. Add a shot of bourbon to the mix (if you are old enough).

Nerf gun battles

Step 1: Purchase Nerf weapons.

Step 2: If you’re shot, you’re out.

Step 3: For maximum enjoyment, make up better rules than the ones provided in stages 1 and 2.

Hold a clothes, book, or game swap.

Invite your friends to join you. Invite them to bring items they no longer desire or need to an exchange. Everyone will get the opportunity to try something new without having to spend any money. If you still have items that no one wants, host a yard sale and divide the proceeds with your friends.

Throw a multinational dinner party.

Create and enjoy a meal including delectable dishes from all around the world. My dream international meal includes a spicy tuna crispy rice appetizer, tableside pizza, dinner tacos, and truffle fries. Oh, and there’ll be gelato for dessert.

Learn some magic card tricks

All you’ll need are some cards and instructions to get started. You might all try to learn the same trick, or you could all pick various tricks and compete to see who can figure out how each one works.

Find low-cost local events.

Ticket prices for theater and concerts can be rather high. Look for smaller, less expensive concerts, such as local open mic nights, for a more economical option. Look through your local newspaper, the bulletin boards at your community center, or the Facebook page for your neighborhood. Alternatively, check for free activities such as culinary festivals, music festivals, farmers’ markets, and multicultural events.

Friends are like family and the time spent with them must be quality time, so here are few things which you guys can do to spend quality time. You can check our blog section to learn more about it.

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