Best Hotel Pools In NYC

Best Hotel Pools In NYC

Summer in New York City may be oppressively hot and uncomfortable. So, what are some of the finest ways to beat the heat? Relaxing by the pool while taking in the sights of the New York skyline is one of them. We spent a few days last summer at the Dominick Hotel in SoHo. It was so hot that the temperature in the shade was around 85°F. The frosting on the cake was jumping into the pool for a refreshing swim. It’s only fitting that we compiled a list of hotels in New York City with pools.

There aren’t very many hotels with outdoor pools. Those who made our list are dispersed around New York. There’s a suitable hotel in your neighborhood, from Central Park to Brooklyn. The pool area is usually reserved for hotel guests, but you can also try your luck. Just give us a call a few days ahead of time, and pool tickets may be available from time to time.

Gansevoort Hotel in the Meatpacking District

The Gansevoort hotel owners place a high value on the immediately noticeable design. The Gansevoort Hotel’s position in the Meatpacking District puts it in the heart of a bustling area. 

The High Line and excellent restaurants and bars are all within walking distance (the Meatpacking District is one of our favorite locations in NYC). It also features a big pool from which you may gaze out over the city’s rooftops. It’s one of the top hotels in NYC with pools. It’s all about luxury and comfort.

The Dominick in SoHo

The Dominick Hotel, located on the west side of SoHo, is a very excellent establishment. Because it’s the tallest building in Soho, you’ll enjoy a great perspective over the surrounding area and the rest of the city. We stayed here for a few days to get some rest. Although the pool is not large, it was our favorite location to hang out over the summer.

1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge in Brooklyn Heights

We recommend the 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge for a variety of reasons. We stayed here for a couple of nights and fell in love with the ambiance, style, and rooftop bar right away. You also have a beautiful restaurant and a bar (one floor below the rooftop deck). In the summer, guests can enjoy views of the East River and the Brooklyn Bridge, which is located directly across the street from the hotel. And, of course, there’s a pool with a breathtaking view.

The Williamsburg Hotel

The Williamsburg Hotel, located in the heart of Brooklyn’s hipster district, is an absolute must-see. It’s a five-star hotel with spectacular views. The Manhattan skyline can be seen from the roof, which has a restaurant and a pool. It’s quite well connected to the subway, so you can go wherever you want.

McCarren Hotel & Pool

One of New York’s best-known pool hotels is the McCarren Hotel in Brooklyn. Like the other hotels, there is a rooftop bar, from where you have a relaxing view of Manhattan and the surrounding area. The pool is one of the largest pools out of all the hotels. Here you will be able to enjoy it in the summer.

The James New York in SoHo

The James Hotel in Soho is a small establishment praised for its elegance. It’s only a couple of blocks away from the Dominick Hotel. Although the pool isn’t particularly large, the view from here is spectacular. There is a great view of the Lower Manhattan skyline, including the One World Trade Center, from this location.

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