Best Pancakes In NYC

Best Pancakes In NYC

The buzz about Flipper’s Pancake in New York City began even before they launched their first SoHo location. There is no question that the pancakes look quite appetizing, but do they also taste as delicious as they appear? Naturally, we wanted to see if the soufflé pancakes lived up to the hype, so we sampled them for you. Here is information on Flipper’s in New York City.

About Flipper’s Pancake

Flipper’s specializes in the fluffiest possible Japanese soufflé pancakes! The wildly successful Japanese chain of pancake restaurants has recently launched its first location in New York City. When Flipper’s celebrated their big opening, a line began building two hours prior to the opening. Social Media did an excellent job of advertising the beautiful, jiggly pancakes.

Flipper’s in SoHo

The location of Flipper’s in SoHo is on West Broadway. It is a beautiful property with many windows, giving it a light and spacious appearance. While the first level serves as a waiting room and for to-go orders, the second floor is where you will be seated for in-house dining. Fresh cuisine is served from a partially open kitchen on the floor.

The Menu at Flipper’s

The pancakes are available in a range of sweet and savory tastes. Strawberry, blueberry, matcha, maple butter, and plain pancakes are included on the dessert menu. On the other side, savory cuisine may contain eggs, poultry, and salmon. There is a pancake for every palate! Flipper’s also serves waffles, but judging by the photographs of the pancakes, why would even bother?

Our Flipper’s Pancake Review

On the opening day of Flipper’s in SoHo, the queue was already developing as we passed by at 9 am. Although we were ready to wait, the prospect of doing so on an empty stomach for more than two hours changed our thoughts. We decided to try again the following week. On the day of our visit, we arrived at 10:20 am and were the third individuals in line. At the 11 a.m. opening hour, there were twenty people in line.

Whether or not there is a wait to enter, you will need to allow sufficient time to dine here, since it will not be a speedy experience. After placing your order, it takes around 20 minutes until you can consume your pancakes. The secret to their light texture is cooking them at extremely low temperatures.

Okay, now for the most important question: were the pancakes worth the wait? Indeed, they were for us! First, we feared that social media may have exaggerated the popularity of the pancake restaurant. It wouldn’t have been the first time that enticing-looking cuisine turned out to be subpar. Nevertheless, the Japanese soufflé pancakes did not disappoint! Not only do they look magnificent, but they also taste divine. I would go so far as to say that eating the airy pancakes was akin to biting into little clouds. Flipper’s is a terrific location to visit whether you’re a pancake aficionado or if you’re simply looking for a unique breakfast or lunch.

We would also want to highlight the amazing personnel at Flipper’s in New York. Everyone, from the host to the servers, was incredibly attentive and courteous. They could not have been any more courteous. Although we came for the pancakes, the personnel made a lasting impact.

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