Top 12 New York Attractions To Enjoy

Top 12 New York Attractions To Enjoy

The vast city of New York has much to offer in attractions and places to visit and experience. In fact, the list is so diverse we brought in those with more experience to help you out with that list. Here are their top recommendations (not in any order):

1. Top Of The Rock

“So what exactly makes the Top Of The Rock one of the top NYC attractions? It’s many things.The views, for starters, are amazing, providing an eye-popping 360-degree perspective of Manhattan. It’s also free, which is always nice, and it’s open pretty much year-round. There are even some pretty great food options on the premises if you get hungry while taking it all in.” (Ronald Samson)

2. Guggenheim Museum

“Also, don’t forget to visit the Guggenheim museum. This is definitely one of my favorites, it’s on Fifth Avenue and it’s always crowded with tourists.The main reason why people love visiting this museum is because you can see really interesting artworks by famous artists here, and this is something that I would definitely recommend to everyone who visits New York City.”

Ronald Samson, Research Analyst CreditDonkey

3. Niagara Falls

“It’s not hard to understand why lots of people think about Niagara Falls a leading natural marvel of the world. Or why it has actually been the area of some unbelievable (and now prohibited) daredevil shenanigans throughout the years. The 2nd you see the massive Niagara River rumbling towards a 188-foot waterfall at about 20 to 30 (and approximately 68) miles per hour, your mouth will drop.” (Joseph Benson)

4. Adirondacks

“Whether you’re an enthusiast of outside activities, sports history or simply value stunning landscapes, chances are you’ll love northern New York’s Adirondacks area. Located about 290 miles north of New York City, 250 miles northwest of Boston and 110 miles south of Montreal, the Adirondacks use a welcome break from the location’s dynamic metropolitan areas.”

Joseph Benson, Architect, forex trader, YouTuber, blogger, ultralight Helicopter enthusiast and a traveler, Orbits Travellers

5. Corning Museum of Glass

“One of the best attractions in New York is the Corning Museum of Glass. It’s home to an impressive collection of glass art from ancient Egypt all the way through to today. However, the real highlight of any visit is a trip to the contemporary art and design wing where you can marvel at stunning works from some of today’s top glass artists. Live glass blowing demonstrations are also held throughout the day and are fascinating to watch since you get to see the glass-making process and can ask friendly staff members all sorts of questions.”

Kelly Duhigg, Travel New York Now

6. Walking On The Brooklyn Bridge

“Everyone that has seen photos of NYC knows about the Brooklyn Bridge, an iconic landmark that connects Lower Manhattan with Brooklyn. Seeing it is like a dream come true, but walking on it is like living in a fairytale. I highly recommend visiting in the early hours of the day to avoid the crowd.” (Sean Lau)

7. Learn The Arts of Espionage At The Interactive SPYSCAPE Museum

“There is an abundance of top-notch museums in New York City, but the one that I really enjoyed is the SPYSCAPE Museum. Unlike traditional museums that take you through hours of relentless paintings after paintings and sculptures after sculptures, SPYSCAPE offers guests a fun, interactive and educational experience. If you are traveling in NYC with kids, the SPYSCAPE museum is an unmissable attraction!” (Sean Lau)

8. Go For A Swim In Coney Island

“With its endless traffic and soaring skyscrapers, the Big Apple can get pretty overwhelming, especially for first-time visitors. If that is the case, why not take a break at NYC’s best beach, Coney Island? Located in the southern end of Brooklyn, Coney Island features wide stretches of sandy beaches and an amusement park to keep the whole family entertained!”

Sean Lau, Travel Blogger, Photographer & Content Creator LivingOutLau

9. United Nations Headquarters

“The United Nations Headquarters looks like a fortress and is situated on the East side of Manhattan Island. United Nations Headquarters have different kinds of architecture. It is one of the most important tourist attractions in New York, The most striking feature is the Secretariat Building’s narrow windows that allow only a small strip of sunlight inside.” (Joshua Haley)

10. Museum of Modern Art

“The most fascinating feature about the Museum of Modern Art is without a doubt, the art. There are three floors filled with everything from famous paintings to sculptures, and even historical artifacts.”

Joshua Haley, Founder of Moving Astute

11. The Highline

“The Highline is easily a top attraction to enjoy in New York. Stroll across this lifted 1.45 mile abandoned railroad track transformed into the ultimate greenspace. The Highline is also conveniently connected to New York’s newest attractions at the Hudson Yards and Chelsea Market. It is the perfect way to see New York City from above and this attraction is completely free!”

Sam Oppenheimer, Find Love & Travel

12. Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum

“One of the most interesting and weirdest museums in the world has to be Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum in NYC, where some of the most famous celebrities in the world are replicated in wax models. Whether it’s Elvis Presley or Michael Jordan, the wax sculptures look eerily real and creepy. You can walk around the museum through different themed rooms, with a famous wax sculpture to accompany it. Many people like to take selfies with their idols and historically significant figures from the past.”

Torben Lønne, Travel Writer and Co-Founder of

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