The 5 Best Bars In Tribeca Right Now

The 5 Best Bars In Tribeca Right Now

There are many things to do in Tribeca. The neighborhood doesn’t have a lot of hardcore nightlife spots, but it has a lot of excellent bars. You can find a fancy cocktail bar, sake bar, wine bar, or a new bar that pretends to be a dive bar or a real dive bar. 

Best Bars in Tribeca 

Are you looking for the best bars in Tribeca, New York? We’ll take you to the most popular speakeasy bars, wine bars, and other smaller spots that New Yorkers frequently visit. Check out our list of best bars below!

Brandy Library

While the name may suggest otherwise, the Brandy Library offers a huge selection of rare whiskeys to satisfy even the most ardent whiskey fans. The interior looks like a library full of high-proof drinks, especially at night, with more than 1,000 bottles used as decor. The events they hold to teach you about Bourbons, Cognacs, etc., are particularly exciting to us. 

Grand Banks

With an amazing atmosphere, views, and water, Grand Banks is situated on the Hudson River. The location of the establishment itself is one of its greatest attractions. As long as the weather is right, you can enjoy the Manhattan skyline from a historic ship called F/V Sherman Zwicker on the Hudson River. You can also order great seafood and drinks there.

New York City’s Grand Banks has some of the best seafood and drinks. However, the white wine is quite expensive and can run as much as $16 per glass (this is NYC, so it’s not surprising). Nevertheless, it was an excellent experience. Be sure to visit the restaurant right before sunset to make the most of the views and experience. The New York City skyline is beautiful and filled with color during sunset.

Nancy Whiskey Pub

The bar, the furniture, the glasses – you name it, everything about “Nancy Whiskey Pub” seems to come out of another time. As well as classic beers, there is a small selection of whiskeys at this small bar, and you can enjoy the view of the One World Trade Center while you relax. 

Along with McSorley’s Old Ale House in the East Village, Nancy Whiskey Pub in Tribeca is considered a candidate for the title of “Oldest Bar in the City.”

City Vineyard 

Do you want to enjoy great wines at a bar located right on the water and offering spectacular views of One World Trade Center? Look no further than City Vineyard at Pier 26!

There is no doubt that the locals control this wine bar, and Happy Hour is one of the most popular times of the week. Hudson River Park is home to City Vineyard. The City Vineyard is owned by City Winery, which operates several wine bars throughout the city.

It is hard to imagine anything better than a glass of wine and a view like that. The sunset here is absolutely beautiful during the evening hours; you can just sit back and enjoy it. However, a downside of drinking on the rooftop is that only plastic cups are available for drinks.


Terroir is the perfect place to grab a glass of wine near the Borough of Manhattan Community College. The restaurant offers a wide array of European and American wines. You can learn about each drink from their knowledgeable staff.


Tribeca is one of Manhattan’s most vibrant neighborhoods. Don’t forget to check out the cultural landscape, museums, and attractions when you next visit the city. In addition, don’t forget to try a couple of cocktails. 

There are some great drinks and food at the bars mentioned above. No matter what you’re searching for, Tribeca has it. From frosty pints to artisanal cocktails, this neighborhood has it all.

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