The Best Bars In East Village NYC

The Best Bars In East Village NYC

Are you seeking the top bars in New York’s East Village? Then have a look at my top picks here! Because I’ll take you to some of New York’s trendiest speakeasy bars, pubs, wine bars, and tiny venues. There’s a wide range of bars in New York’s East Village, so there’s bound to be something for you.

Angel’s Share

The proportion of whiskey that evaporates when the casks are stored is Angel’s Share. You can buy some of the greatest whiskey in the East Village at this small tavern.


Mayamezcal, an initially modest tequila and mezcal bar in NYC, takes the top spot on this list of finest tequila and mezcal bars in NYC. From handcrafted syrups to freshly squeezed juices, this Mexican cocktail establishment is known for using only the best ingredients. The ‘Bunny Be Good,’ created with tequila, handmade carrot liquor, lemon juice, and club soda, is one of their most intriguing on-the-rocks cocktails. 

The drink is created solely of the finest components, including soda from bottles rather than a tap, making it extremely refreshing. Mayamezcal delivers a variety of distinctive and inventive Mexican cuisines in addition to high-quality handmade beverages. The carne asada, a grilled Angus skirt steak with an array of roasted peppers, onions, and steakhouse fries, is the most popular and must-try dish.

McSorley’s Old Ale House

McSorley’s Old Ale House is a legendary establishment. The tavern is the town’s oldest (it first opened in 1854), and, better yet, it hasn’t changed much since then. McSorley’s is a wonderfully relaxing establishment, with old hardwood floors coated in sawdust, old newspaper articles, and a bartender straight out of a Hollywood movie.


The Proletariat is a little tavern with a lot of personality and vibe. Because the bar comprises two small tables and a long bar counter, only about 20 people may fit inside. On a little blackboard, chalk is used to write which types of beer are now available, where they come from, and what makes them unique.

Amor y Amargo

The Amor y Amargo is one of our favorite bars! It appears to be unassuming from the outside, yet once inside, you will be struck by the bar’s allure. Such places make New York so appealing to me (similar spots are the Proletariat and Fools Gold NYC in the Lower East Side for me). It’s modest, cozy, and completely unpretentious — perfect!


Are you nostalgic about arcade games and wish to go back in time? Then make your way to Barcade. In New York City, there are several places, including Williamsburg and the East Village. Pac-man, Donkey Kong, and Tetris are among the classic arcade games available at Barcade. 

The only difference between your childhood and now is that you can play drunk if you want to (which we don’t recommend). They do serve beer. Arcades and alcohol make for a fantastic combination.

Crocodile Lounge

The Alligator Lounge’s Manhattan counterpart is the Crocodile Lounge. A complimentary pizza also accompanies every drink. So take advantage of it!

Death & Company

Death & Company in the lovely East Village is one of our favorite places to go out in NYC and has been named one of the world’s 50 best bars.

Empellón Al Pastor

Empellón Al Pastor is an East Village bar that serves margaritas, beers, and a variety of cocktails. The cocktail menu features a variety of margaritas, including a mezcal, ‘spicy cucumber,’ and a ‘blood’ margarita. They also have a changing specials menu, consisting of unique Asian-Mexican fusion meals. 

Every Thursday, these deals are announced, and they vary the following week. Steamed Birria dumplings, shrimp toast torta, and chicken nuggets with Sichuan salsa are just a few of the amazing bar foods available. 

For more information on the bar snacks menu and different cocktails, follow @empellonapastor on Instagram.

Kingston Hall

Pay once, clean twice? This isn’t a problem at all, thanks to Kingston Hall’s 2-for-1 deal! You can drink twice a day till 8 p.m. here.

Please Don’t Tell (PDT)

The tavern “Please Don’t Tell (PDT)” is a true local favorite. The best part is that you can’t see it from the outside – the entrance is hidden behind a telephone booth at the hot dog store. The Please Don’t Tell is a Speakeasy Bar launched in 2007.

The Belfry

Keep an eye out for “The Belfry” in the East Village if you’re searching for a lovely tiny bar. It’s tastefully designed, with a happy hour and, best of all, live music. The cocktails are excellent, and the local beers are excellent — freshly tapped.

The Ready Rooftop

The Ready Rooftop is one of New York’s most popular roofs throughout the winter months. Palm trees, vivid colors, tacos, and an extremely calm ambiance will warm your heart inside. The Moxy NYC East Village hotel has a rooftop bar, which is one of the gorgeous hotels in Manhattan, in my opinion. 

Like the Eataly Flatiron rooftop, the bar has a roof that can be opened in nice weather. So,t’s a fashionable outdoor terrace in the summer, and in the winter (until March), it’s a covered lounge with the theme “Holiday Palms.”

The Winslow Gin House and Eatery

The Winslow Gin House and Eatery is a gin distillery and eatery in Winslow; this East Village pub is insane: it’s entirely dedicated to gin. It has its own gin club, with over 40 different varieties of gin in its “Ginventory.”

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